The Words of the Jenkins Family

Father and the September 11 Attacks

Michael Jenkins
September 21, 2001

Dear Families and brothers and sisters,

I really want to thank you for your support and patience at this time when there is great tribulation in our nation and pain in our hearts. We offer our sincere and heartfelt prayers for the thousands of families who lost their loved ones in this tragedy. We ask that you pray sincerely for our nation's leaders and our president. We are in a time of emergency and, as Father has mentioned, America is on the cross. As America's representatives we are all on the cross and yet from the cross springs great hope.

From the very moment that Father heard about the attack, he never came down from his room upstairs at North Garden for three days. He remained in prayer for this nation. Upon his return to East Garden Father has given very profound encouragement for Blessed Central Families to be confident in God's power. Together with our Christian ministers we should take the definitive lead in manifesting love for all races and religions, especially that of Islam.

We are very grateful for your steadfast faith and prayer at this time. We know that there have been so many changes in our plans that it can be very frustrating. However, there are circumstances beyond our own and the city's control that led to these things. Due to the severe stress on the police and many other situations concerning security, city officials, who originally approved our permit, have asked us not to convene our Interfaith Service in Foley Square. This has also become a disaster area. There is a crack in the seawall adjacent to this area due to the World Trade Towers collapse and flooding has become a concern. The police have also cancelled every permit for parades or marches or any outside gathering in the area. Therefore we ask your understanding for this most unusual course of events.

We now are fully permitted and approved to be at the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building on 125th and Adam Clayton Powell (7th Ave.) in Harlem from 12 pm - 2pm. Our clergy asked that we go there to make a statement to the world that only through religious unity and reconciliation can we bring peace.

Eight hundred ministers are coming. Please understand, we are in a wartime environment. We ask that you remain in prayer with us. I sincerely apologize for the difficulty that these circumstances have caused. However, I am proud of the attitude that our Blessed Central Families have exhibited. Without complaint or hesitation everyone has been so understanding and cooperative. This is display of your great faith.

Our Prayer breakfast is from 8 am to 11 am at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom on the 7th floor on 34th and 8th Ave. We will take buses from the Interfaith Prayer Breakfast to the Day of Healing and Prayer Service at Harlem Plaza. We pray that strength and inner peace will come to all of our Blessed Central Families through the love of our True Parents. We pray that Blessed Central families will fulfill True Parent's hope that they will rise up to heal this nation and lead all people to love of God. Let us manifest a love that will bring all of God's people together and secure this nation as the True Elder Son.

Rev. Michael Jenkins
President, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

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