The Words of the Jenkins Family

Letter from Rev. Jenkins

Michael Jenkins
September 26, 2001

Dear Families and brothers and sisters,

Thank you for your support, prayers and concerns for God's dispensation and for America.

God is with us. Our diverse discussions are healthy. Some say they feel confused. Don't be confused. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thy own understanding. (Prov. 3:5) America is God's chosen nation and it is going through a trial that will purify her and make her stronger. We support the President of the United States. We support aggressive measures to bring the terrorists to justice, however we recognize that God is the true author of justice and therefore our battle is not ours but God's. Washington's prayer was the basis upon which God could preserve and see America through the trial of the Revolutionary war. If we pray with Washington's sincerity our nation can pass through this trial victoriously. We must not divide but rather we must unite centering on True Parents.

I'm going to meet True Parents this morning. They came back last night from South America. I will let you know the update of Father's direction to us.

Since the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship - God's authority on earth is absolute. We, as Blessed Central Families, are the instruments through which God wants to reconcile the problems of history. More than ever, now is the time to get right with God in your own heart. Make your blessed family the temple of God. Follow your conscience and seek to bring all people together, even when there is disagreement. We are of one blood lineage. We are of one blood. Our covenant with God can move God's heart at this time. Our covenant with God is that the real solution to the evils of the world is to change the blood lineage, eliminate infidelity and build True Blessed Central Families.

Who knows how swift our victory will come if we are united with God's will. If we unite it will come. Upon what shall we unite? External actions are not the basis upon which we can unite. We must unite based on our common faith in God and True Parents. Is it not our common faith that if we sacrifice ourselves more than all the past patriots and saints in American history then God will direct our path and lead us to His victory. The key for Unificationists now is can we really sacrifice ourselves and make the conditions as the representatives of America that will allow God to bless this nation. When, America is right with God, America is blessed. Who is willing to sacrifice his / her life at this time that others might live? Who will pick up the cross that God has given to you and then carry it after the pattern of our True Parent's path? On September 18th Father said, "I prepared from the individual to world level and proclaimed the coronation ceremony. You should know how important this is, and America should develop these ideas and the providence. This tragedy—whether it was God’s interruption or not, we should know whether God interfered or not—Jesus Christ prepared on the cross, now America stands on the cross of the world. You should develop the result of love and go forward in that way. That means that America should put itself on the cross, doing it by themselves, into the position of the sacrifice, serving others. How much does America understand this? America should be put on the cross. How much are they loving others, their enemies? Now is the time to change everything. America and Americans must take the lead in practicing "Love your enemy". America must follow the providence of God." We are on the cross. However, I believe that our love is so great that we will not only redeem the thief on the right but also the one on the left. We can unite both Christianity and Islam and in the process redeem America and the world.

If we manifest the most profound religious force of love in American history, our nation's leaders will naturally cooperate and seek the blessing of God through us. Have we manifested that level of profound love yet?

Our New York and New Jersey members and those that came from out of town manifested that kind of love when they set aside everything to bring 12,000 clergy couples. Last night Dr. Yang and I were with Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker and Bishop Stallings at ground zero. We prayed with the exhausted police and firemen. Many times they gave us the names of their buddies that died or are missing there. They were so grateful for our prayers, especially when we named their lost loved ones. Dr. Walker lost two members in the WTC. One, Mrs. Elizabeth Holmes, left behind a 12 year old boy. At the foot of WTC Tower he was hit with profound shock and emotion. He said, "This is all I can take tonight. I must go home now. He said, in all the bloodshed and death he saw in the civil rights battles - nothing compares with this."

This WTC area is a holy ground. I get the same feeling there as I do when I go to Gettysburg. Its a holy place. The WTC is a world battle ground. Where all the nations of the world were directly assaulted by evil.

I met a mother there after we walked out of the morgue. Mrs. Waters. Her twenty something son was there with her daughters. A state trouper from Connecticut was there comforting her. Because of my chaplains ID she asked to speak with me. She said, "My son was on the 87th floor. I feel so much better that I came here. She was sobbing. Reverend please guide me. I said, "Mother, you son is not lost, he lives on forever. His life was not given in vain. Somehow the sacrifice of these thousands of people representing America and the world were give as a holy sacrifice that America might truly change and turn to God. Through this, America might set an example for the world of how to turn to God in times of trial. Because of these holy people sacrificed here, America is turning to God. Their lives were given as was the soldiers at Pearl Harbor, Gettysburg or Saigon. They were sacrificed as a condition that God could use to preserve, strengthen and advance this nation toward God's will."

As she wept, she said, "You're right. Actually, I am so surprised but I'm not angry, I can feel that my life has been changed forever by this in a good way. I don't know why, but as I stand here I feel the most powerful motivation to become a much better person. I want to be good ! I promise God that I'm going to be a much better person. I want America to be good."

Through this tragedy we can bring America in the realm of goodness. Let's do it Blessed Central Families. Let's unite and lead America like True Parents lead the world.

We pray that you and your family will be given God's strength and clarity through your prayers at this time.

Thank You America.

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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