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Michael Jenkins
September 26, 2001

We have formed a joint cooperative effort to educate the Ambassadors of Peace in North America. Father has asked that 2000 AoP be educated before the end of the year.

The effort will be guided by IIFWP (Rev. Kwak), FFWPU (Dr. Yang) and AFC (Mr. Joo). Our three leaders are cooperating on this effort.

The Executive Committee will consist of Dr. Tom Walsh, Rev. M. Jenkins and Mr. D. Caprera. The Executive Committee will also be planning a new curriculum for these conferences. We will basically follow the ALC format.

The AFC leaders are discussing and making a plan as to how to achieve this goal. Goals are being developed for each state. We may have a conference in every state or by certain regions. Accomodations and meals will be covered by the IIFWP. Transportation costs will be the responsibility of the guests. Already 54 AoP's were selected. (Mostly clergy). The 2000 should be leaders that have already been educated. We do not want a large number of clergy to attend as the ACLC has a very strong mission and direction from Father to prepare for the 12,000 couple blessing. (This could be launched as early as Feb. next year). The AoP should be other leaders, academic, business, political, sports and media figures. They should be people that already have an educational foundation with us. We are not inviting brand new guests for the most part.

Details will follow.

We pray that God will guide us to make great unity and success in educating these important leaders.


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