The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Motherís Speaking Tour

Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins
November 4, 2001

Thank you for your sacrifice and unchanging heart to our True Parents. True Fatherís speaking tour is receiving great support from the top leaders of Korea. Please pray for True Parents victory as they take this historic address to the Korean National Assembly and then on to Japan and America.

True Motherís 2001 Schedule in America:

The following is the schedule for True Mothers Tour.

Monday, Nov. 26 University of Bridgeport

Tuesday, Nov. 27 New Jersey

Wednesday, Nov. 28 Dallas

Thursday, Nov. 29 Los Angeles

Friday, Nov. 30 San Francisco

Saturday, Dec. 1 New York

Sunday, Dec. 2 Washington, D.C.

Saturday, Dec. 15th Chicago (True Family Values Banquet)

Audience: The highest level leaders of American society should be invited. The top Christian pastors and religious leaders, academic, political, community and womenís organizations leaders should be our main guests.

Themes: The theme is still being discussed. The Title of True Motherís speech is: The Nation and World of Peace Sought by God and Humanity. The We Will Stand in Oneness theme will be incorporated and expanded to include the Nation and World Peace.

Venue: Very prominent Christian churches from one of the 120 or additional 240 from the We Will Stand 50 state tour would be good. Banquets and other Hotel theater style venues are acceptable. If it helps the region they can also combine True Motherís speech into an already planned ILC program.

Speakers and "Peace" ceremony: One evangelist will give a 5 minute inspirational message as with the We Will Stand Tour. Also, Dr. Yang has asked that we consider a short reconciliation ceremony along the lines of the "Bridge of Peace" in which Muslims, Christians, Jews and representatives of the Worldís religions should do cross the stage to embrace one another.

Basic Program:

6:30 pm Pre-Program - Choir

7:00 MC intro (Rev. Jenkins / Local)

7:05 Music - One professional number

7:10 Proclamations and Intro of VIPís

7:15 Evangelist

7:18 "Bridge of Peace" Ceremony

7:20 Rev. Kwakís Address (Read by Rev. Jenkins)

7:35 Video - Introduction of Mother thru the Video

7:47 True Motherís Speech

8:30 Flower Presentation

Plaques and Awards for True Parents

True Parentís address to be delivered at the International Leadership Conferences:

Father directed that his address (which will be delivered by True Mother in 8 cities) must be delivered in all 50 states before the end of 2001. To achieve this Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang have approved that the speech will be delivered at the ILC conferences. This will complete True Parents address for 32 states in addition to the 8 city tour. We will then organize events in the remaining 10 states to fulfill delivering this historic message to every state of America.

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