The Words of the Jenkins Family

Denver Message From Rev. Jenkins

Michael Jenkins
November 23, 2001

Dear Leaders and Families,

God is working in miraculous ways. The Denver International Leadership Conference was a solid experience which elevates our allies, both educationally and experientially, to a completely different relationship with the movement and our True Parents. Revs. Lee, Flynn Nglame, and Peggy Yujiri have outstanding unity, cooperation and momentum.

The conference began with Rev. Kwak's address presented by Dr. Bill Bruhoeffer. It was an excellent beginning. Then Rev. Jim Flynn gave the IIFWP Power Point presentation. Excellent VIP guests attended who are the fruit of 20 years of direct education of America's key allies. Airforce Veteran, Col. D'Amico, Karl Erickson (former AFC President), Rev. Ephraim and many others have stood with us for years through the highs and the lows. They are confident in True Parents role to bring peace and strong families. They were very moved by this comprehensive presentation of Father's vision and work to become Amb. for Peace.

After Rev. Flynn's presentation, Dr. V. Nanda of the University of Denver College of Law, is a professor of International Law and an expert in the field. He is active with a special advisory council active with the United Nations. He gave an excellent presentation. He discussed whether Bin Laden , if caught, would get a military trial, or a civil trial. His knowledge was fascinating and revealing.

He also testified to Father's vision as presented in the IIFWP Power Point presentation as the only real and lasting road to peace. He strongly supported and praised the "vision" for a "religious upper house" to guide the United Nations. What was most surprising was that I thought that he had been with us for years. He actually had only attended True Mother's speech one time ! Yet he was truly with us.

After that the American Family Coalition presentation was led by AFC Colorado leader Mr. John Redmond. John gave a solid introduction and presentation of Father's words. Then the director of Lost and Found (a program for youth), Dr. Sheryl Brickner gave a very moving presentation of the value of family. She spoke professionally and from the heart. It was quite moving. She had lost her son to suicide and her family had broken. Yet she overcame it all with faith to present a beautiful affirmation that God's most profound creation is the family and that True happiness is to only be found in that context.

Then Professor Kambutu, of the University of Wyoming gave a stunning presentation of the reality of the our youth. Michael Hentrich has built a solid foundation in Wyoming and many key allies are there to carry God's dispensation. This could be seen in Dr. Kambutu's presentation. Dr. Kambutu stated that the way our children are being educated in our schools and effect of television and other mediums are severely damaging the natural development and moral education of our children. He drew examples of how the family must have natural times together such as a mother and daughter preparing food for the family and how those moments can be the most profound in terms of family and moral education. This is being completely destroyed in most families today. The schools do not and can not give this kind of "family values" education. At one point he became passionate. The atmosphere in the room was very much "caught" by this spirit and heart. He said what a

Then the ACLC presentation came. Rev. Nglame was the moderator. He is a UTS graduate and a most capable leader of the Clergy. He had everyone inspired in very short order as you could feel his enthusiasm and confidence. Rev. Ephraim a blessed pastor and one of the earliest Christian leaders who stood by Father's side in America, read Father's words. The ACLC video was presented. Hat's off to Rev. Schanker as the video gave a powerful presentation of the Clergy movement and the power of its application to the Sept. 11th tragedy. The Interfaith breakfast and Harlem Day of Prayer and Healing showed how the religious leaders can take the lead to bring peace. It also demonstrated the clarity of the teaching of our True Parents and the victory of Father's 50 state tour. The teaching of fidelity and no "Spare" key had everyone captivated.

Rev. Ephraim of the Progressive Church of God in Christ gave a profound testimony of how Jesus directly inspired him and appeared to him to work with True Father. He touched on the theme of rebuilding the Family. Rev. Patrick Demmer, former President of the prestigious Denver Ministerial Alliance, Rev. Demmer gave the theme of Restoring the Community. His presentation was very moving for he testified that he was very skeptical of this movement. He was careful when he got involved because it seemed unusual that a religious movement would give of themselves so much and not expect something. (Rev. Daugherty and Bishop Stallings designed the ACLC format with an excellent presentation.)

Over time he began to see that Father Moon was truly committed to help Pastors to fulfill their missions to lead their congregations to heaven. He shared a deep heart of commitment that from Father Moon he learned that we must "tear down the walls" that divide our races, religions and nations. He gave a strong witness that we as Christians cannot have walls if we are true to the love of Jesus. He proclaimed that ACLC is Restoring the community by bringing denominations together and breaking the walls between Moslems, Christians and Jews.

Rev. Jenkins gave the Renew the Nation and the World. He testified that Father Moon had guided us to love our enemy to the degree that we should even marry our enemy. The Ambassadors of Peace "soaked" up the messages. He also presented that the Clergy must unify the body of Christ and become like George Whitfield of the 1700's who broke down the walls in the colonies so that America could unite and become God's nation. The relationship of the Prophets and the Political leaders must be one of cooperation and understanding based on God's vision for the family, community and nation.

The Blessing and Spirit world lectures took people over the top. The Ambassadors of Peace were soaked to the bone in truth by the end of the day.

Mrs. ___ whose gifted spirit and voice lifted us with great beauty and inspiration brought us to a spiritual vista that cannot be achieved through teaching and words. Somehow the Holy Spirit had taken over and our hearts melted. Also, a United Pentecostal group called the Gordon sisters came with their Father who is their pastor. They sang high spirited Christian music which brought joy to all.

At the closing banquet, Amb. Sam Zakhem former Amb. to Bahrain gave a very solid and patriotic message. As a Lebanonese Christian American he had suffered a lot in his life. But his love and gratitude for God and for America was a driving force in his life. His message focused on Father and the work of God. He said that love is absolutely the only way we will bring peace on earth. The Family love and teaching of Rev. Moon is foremost. He said I'm not a member of Rev. Moon's church but I'm one with him. Later he said to me "I'm a member of Rev. Moon's Family." We are all one family.

The capstone moment of the event was the powerful word that True Father had directed that we bring to America. Father's message was read by Rev. Jenkins. The power of this word is great and totally current. It addresses the problem of terrorism and the four gates of peace that God has laid out. Living for the Sake of others, building a true Family, loving the creation and loving all races and religions. Religious leaders must be put in an "upper house" relation with the UN and the American political leaders.

As these outstanding VIP's received their Amb. for Peace diploma from Amb. Zakhem and Rev. and Mrs. Lee. Amb. Zakhem would said to each congratulations Mr. Ambassador, Congratulations Madame Amb. You could see in their eyes that they knew this was a great honor and was serious. They received a direct commission, not as Amb. of a secular nation or society but Ambassadors For Peace of the highest and most profound calling in history. This chosen men and women had been chosen to be Ambassadors for God !

Sunday Service Denver

The Denver Family Church was packed for the Sunday Service. The Denver family, Rev. Lee, Rev. Flynn, Rev. Yujiri and Rev. Nglame have made a model of unity. Rev. Jim Flynn and Caroline are a model blessed family. Taking not only the AFC mission of advancing values in public policy and our political leaders, he has also taken full responsibility as an "Elder" of the church and guides the spiritual life of the community. The Denver family caught Father's eye in a special way during the 50 state tour. They had to be responsible for 6 states. With enormous sacrifice Rev. Lee led the family to victory. That's why I could see and feel such beauty and unity and spirit in the Denver family.

The sermon I gave was "You have the Power". Centering on the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship we have inherited the authority and power of our True Parents. We must utilize the powers of heaven (ancestors) and earth to fulfill our mission. We are in the last days, yet the only people who understand the turmoil and spiritual upheaval of this day are the Central Blessed Families.

True Parent's lifestyle is truly the living model. If we seek to give up our life we will live. True Parents gave up their life over and over yet they live and are blessed more and more profoundly. Now the world is turning to True Father for stability. I asked the Denver Family to sacrifice. I could see from their absolutely faithful response that Denver is a solid base for God's Kingdom to come. Denver is on fire with faith.

If you want a strong community that will give you budding spiritual life --- Go West Young Man! Go to Denver.


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