The Words of the Jenkins Family

Thanksgiving at East Garden

Michael Jenkins
November 23, 2001

Dear Families,

Happy Thanksgiving. True Parents came back to America today on Thanksgiving. They just completed the speaking tour covering 8 cities in Korea and 8 cities in Japan. We began the celebration of this great American tradition with a toast.

With turkey and all the trimmings, we shared in a most special Thanksgiving with Father and Mother. We are so grateful to True Parents for coming back on this day so that the representative leaders of the American Movement could give thanks to God for America with True Parents and True Family. We felt a special feeling of kinship with the Pilgrims who initiated this tradition out of gratitude for God's blessing after times of great trial.

Somehow, we could feel that the time of great trial is now passing for America and that a new movement has now been firmly planted with the International Leadership Conferences that will bring Moslems, Christians and Jewish people in America together as one paving a sure path to lasting peace.

On this occasion we felt so much love from True Parents for America and for all of us. Senator James and her husband joined in the celebration. Senator James revealed a most interesting testimony. Her cousin was the head of the Phoenix house after Danbury. He had to meet Father everyday. He told Senator James that he was overwhelmed with the love and spirit of Father. He brought everyone food and gave so much love. By the time he was supposed to leave the other prisoners didn't want him to go. Senator James' cousin said he knew Father was innocent. (She never knew that he knew Father. It came up when she said she would be meeting Father and Mother Moon. Her cousin is now excited to come to the New Jersey event next Tuesday for True Mother. He expressed great support for the Senator in working with Father and Mother.

Father gave a profound message concerning the Chun Il Guk or the Cosmic Nation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We must transcend race and religion and even our national identity and become the citizens of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

For there to be peace there must be an established order which centers on God. With the establishment of the original blood lineage, God can now manifest the axis upon which the new nation and world can be built. That Axis is True Grandparents, True Parents and True Children. This is the axis upon which all can be grafted in to build the Kingdom of God.

We must elevate all political parties into a "husband and wife" relationship rather than that of brothers. Brothers always fight for there is no authority or vertical order. But husband and wife have a different relationship. That of parents.

It was a very profound day in which we could all feel that Pilgrim fathers could rejoice in a day in which we could truly give thanks to God for giving America a new start.

All American families should rejoice as the Elder Son Nation is now becoming a new nation.

The celebration included a report from Rev. Peter Kim and reading about the revelations from heaven from the top 120 Christian leaders in history (i.e. Peter, Matthew, Andrew, John Calvin and John Wesley.

Thank You America.

Let's bring America's greatest and finest leaders to Mother's World Peace Tour.

In True Parents Love,


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