The Words of the Jenkins Family

Detroit International Leadership Seminar

Michael Jenkins
November 25, 2001

Dear Leaders and Families,

The Detroit International Leadership Conference was a great success. It began with Rev. Jenkins giving Rev. Kwak's address as the opening. The leader of the Islamic House of Wisdom, Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi (one of the leaders of the largest Arab Muslim Communities in America and recent graduate of the October Crisis and Hope IIFWP conference in New York) gave significant endorsement and testimony concerning Father's work, the speech of Rev. Michael Jenkins. He praised the living example of Art and Roxanne Roselle and Rev. David Kasbow (AFC and IIFWP respectively). He is so sincerely moved that we are out embracing the Moslem communities in America. He expressed his love for America and the fact that the tragedy of September 11th was a truly sad event. One good thing emerging from this suffering is that Americans are all feeling the need to understand different religions. He also said that Father's teaching on the family is exactly what is needed. "What Father Moon is teaching concerning the family is the key to lasting peace and it is what the Koran teaches. The Koran says that if someone forsakes the family they also give up the faith!" He is a most prestigious and great Muslim leader and a true Ambassador for Peace.

Mr. Antonio Betancourt gave a powerful presentation on the IIFWP and all of True Parents vision and activities for peace. His knowledge of world affairs and his relations with all the heads of state gave the audience a very personal feeling for the commitment of world leaders to work together with Father and Mother. It's so great to see the senior leaders of our movement visiting all the local state organizations and giving them the heart to heart connection to Father's providence. Antonio is giving Sunday service to our Detroit family - they are excited.

True Mother's speech was delivered by WFWP Michigan Chairwoman Roxanne Roselle. Roxanne delivered the message with great heart. She is a very successful career professional that does everything with grace and a fine spirit of dignity. She is the wife of the AFC leader Art Roselle. A response to True Parent's speech was given by Sister Lonora Muhammad, wife of the leader of the Nation of Islam in Detroit.

Roxanne and Art organized the Bridge of Peace. Roxanne (WFWP chair) explained Mother's initiation of the WFWP and how Korean and Japanese as enemies first went through the sisterhood ceremony. Roxanne called on everyone to repent and forgive. It was beautiful, Sister Deja of Rev. Wm. Revely's church (one of the 120 clergy of ACLC) say let there be peace on earth. Black and White, Muslim and Christian, Arab and Chrisitan crossed the Bridge of Peace. With Mother's words and the practice of embracing, repenting and forgiving an incredible spirit of reconciliation filled the room.

We have to say that the over 100 participants (including FFWPU members) we the fruit of a great effort by Art, Roxanne, David Kasbo and all the Detroit family.

Representative Doug Hart, an ALC graduate and participant in the recent October conference said that, "the fundamental value and teaching of morality must be done in the home. Therefore our religious foundation is crucial to bring forth this kind of moral family. Thus the religious leaders have the key role to play to guide each family on their moral journey. As a believer in Jesus, my wife and I have tremendous committment because of our faith. We will not divorce."

Minister Dawud Mohammad - Leader of Mosque # 1 in Detroit gave a very deep commentary on Father' s words from the ACLC readings. He said, "Rev. Moon takes it right to the root, to the origin. That is of the fall of the first family. The basis for all peace is the love between husband and wife. I am still fascinated with and overwhelmed with the spiritual depth of my wife." He really testified to his wife. His message conveyed the teaching of Elijah Muhammad and Min. Farrakhan is that we must learn everything all over again. Since the fall everyone learned the wrong way to live. Now God is working to create new people in us that we might live correctly with love.

The ACLC video was shown which always lifts up the atmosphere based on True Father's 52 city victory this year. Especially exciting for the audience is when Father tells everyone that there is no spare key allowed. Only one key for the husband only to his wife's love.

Rev. Dr. Wm. Revely then came forward. Rev. Revely is one of the National Executive Committee board members of the ACLC. He is a known civil rights leaders and a great pastor of Holy Hope Heritage Church - Baptist. He recently got the Washington Post to write 2 corrections and print the ACLC letter when he went with us to meet the editor Mr. Len Bernstein. He challenged and disproved the allegation that pastors were losing their churches. He was former Washington D.C. pastor and close friend of Rev. Willie Wilson. He has the power ! He spoke passionately that we are not Baptists or Muslims or Black or white. We are children of God. He said many have talked about how bad September 11th was and many have done their best to help one another and suppor the victims. But Rev. Moon cancelled his major event in New York and now is actively using his resources in all 50 states to bring Muslims and Christians together as one. It is powerful.

Rev. Jenkins gave a summary of the IIFWP, AFC and ACLC cooperative relationship and the crucial role of the prophets at this time to rise up and call for fidelity and faithfulness in marriage. He clarified that the revelation of Father Moon concerning strong marriages was that the original problem of the family was that of misuse of love. Father Moon conveyed that there must be no spare key. Proverbs 6:32 that adultery destroys the soul.

The prophets must rise up and work cooperatively with the political leaders to build a new nation and world of peace. The religious leaders and political leaders must establish an embassy (the United Federation of Churches) in Washington to let the light of the Prophets shine on the path of our national elected officials. Then we must follow Father Moons recommendations that we establish an upper house of Religious leaders or a council that enlighten the path to peace of the UN ambassadors. He called upon the Ambassadors for Peace to take action to realize this vision and then peace will be achieved.

Rev. Phillip Schanker, VP of FFWPU stayed up all night preparing for True Mother's tour. He then flew to Detroit early in the morning. His role was to call upon the leaders to understand the Blessing and the Spirit World and eventually join the 144,000 blessing coming in April, 2002. Rev. Schanker is one of the finest educators in our movement and without question he deeply guided and educated these important Ambassadors for Peace.

I had to fly back to NY just before the banquet. The conclusion was the presentation of the Ambassadors For Peace Certificates. Thanks to the Detroit family, Rev. Kasbo, Mr. and Mrs. Roselle, Ed Taub and all our families, clergy and VIP's. A new America is being born from this historic effort.



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