The Words of the Jenkins Family

Report on Mother's Tour - University of Bridgeport

Michael Jenkins
November 28, 2001

Dear Leaders and Families,

True Mother's tour is rolling. This tour is one for the heart. Through your continuos sacrifice and continuous efforts to develop the VIP guests and the Clergy a solid foundation now exists in America in which great America leaders of all races, religions and professions truly love and respect our True Parents. So many feel so close in heart with Father and Mother.

At the University of Bridgeport, Mother's tour was connected to the International Leadership Seminar. A strong contingent of clergy, together with professors and elected officials joined in the sessions of the IIFWP, AFC and ACLC. They received their certificates as Ambassadors for Peace directly from True Mother at the banquet.

The University Student center had been refurbished and looked absolutely beautiful as a banquet meal was served. The stage was set with the flags of many nations with a beautiful seal of the University of Bridgeport. It so good to be greeted by many of our second generation who are going to school there. Tweron Verheyen, Amy VanDerstock, Christoff Yasutake, Ester Bessel and her brother and many more.

The event was jam packed. This time not so much with students but with professors and clergy from Bridgeport and surrounding cities. President Salonen did a magnificent job. President Rubenstein was there and many of the areas top VIP's. Special thanks to Paul Yasutake and Rev. Hempowicz. Rev. Yang , the Connecticut regional leader and Rev. Kim from Boston brought a very broad variety of guests.

Dr. Tom and Alexa Ward were there with many special guests. It was held as a luncheon which significantly increased the participation from professors. The Video that Rev. Phillip Schanker has completed is entitled the Way of True Love. It is a story of Mother's life. Many people cry during the video. It touches the Christian ministers as well as the world religions and the humanitarian efforts Mother has intitiated through WFWP.

It was a truly rich basis upon which True Mother could give her speech. The purpose of this tour is to formally inaugurate the Unified Cosmic Nation of World Peace or the Chun Il Guk. We have entered the era of the Kingdom of God on earth and Father is proclaiming that our true citizenship is no longer that of Korea, Japan or America but that of the Kingdom of God. The Cosmic nation is the national identity that is cosmic (a combination of the spirit world and the physical world). A nation that consists of all races, religions and cultures living together in perfect harmony. Mother's delivery was very powerful. She has the audience captivated. She also reveals that the path to peace has four gateways, 1 Live for the sake of others. 2 Blessing of Marriage. 3 Embrace all races and religions and love your enemy through exchange marriage. 4 Establish religious bodies to advise both the US political leaders and that of the UN. The ACLC evangelist strongly testified to the power of True Parents to heal marriages.

Rev. Smallwood the campus minister gave the invocation.

Students (Jonathan VanDerstock and Daniel Bessel )from the University of Bridgeport CARP and RYS organizations presented Mother with a gift. Christoff Yasutake gave flowers. When he gave mother the flowers he stood so close to Mother that when she waved the flowers as a thank you the bouquet hit him right in the nose. Mother then gave him a hug and a big smile. It was quite heart warming. President Salonen, Dr. Chin and Mrs. Keum Taek Kim gave a beautiful ceramic artwork to Mother from the University. Mrs. Kim is a ceramic artist and lecturer of art at the university.

The event concluded with the Ambassadors For Peace receiving their formal commission to become Amb. for peace as heaven's representatives. Dr. Jerald Cole, Professor at UB as well as Rev. deKock, Minister Teddy Muhammad and Bishop Robert Stallings (not George Augustus !) were among the many Amb. for Peace.

Father and Mother celebrated back at EG. Won Ju sang, Russian students sang, the new Japanese Missionaries that Father is sending to 43 countries sand and finally Mother sang. Father felt so much love from Mother. It was truly a happy moment. Father concluded with his arm casually and lovingly draped over mother's shoulder as Father and Mother sang. This tour is one for the heart. America is strong and our foundation is very broad now. The leaders who have been attending True Parents over the years are showing that they really understand True Parents call for True Family and love for all religions and races. It was a tremendous beginning of the 8 city tour. Senator Joseph Liebermann former U.S. Vice Presidential Candidate, and Congressman Shays sent letters of congratulations.

Thanks to all in Connecticut and Boston Regions and especially the UB family.

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