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True Mother's 8 City North American Speaking Tour - Dallas Report

Michael Jenkins
November 30, 2001

The Dallas Family really desired that Mother come. Although there were other cities under consideration to host True Mother. The Dallas Region (which does not have a large community of families.), really wanted Mother. The heart with which Rev. John Jackson and Rev. Shim invited True Mother was what caused Mother to come to Dallas. The Blessed Central Families from Texas are to be commended. Mother was very pleased with Dallas.

With such heart the event was absolutely beautiful. The International Leadership Conference was held also that day. Over 80 guests attended, clergy, civic and community leaders and activists as well as one President and one chairman of an Asian Assoc. based in Washington D.C. The Ambassadors For Peace education is essential for their understanding. Mrs. Karen Smith represented IIFWP and Rev. Bruce Biggins the AFC regional director did the AFC presentation. Rev. Levy Daugherty led the ACLC portion as an excellent moderator and inspiration. Rev. Edwards, Rev. Jenkins and Rev. Henderson, who is the President of the Baptist Ministers conference for Dallas, also gave presentations on Rebuild the Family, Restore the Community and Renew the Nation and The World.

We were quite surprised to leave 70 degree weather in New York and be greeted with freezing weather in Dallas! When we sat down for lunch with True Mother she said to Bruce Biggins with a big smile, "Nice Weather!". Rev. Edwards also attended the luncheon. He was able to share an interesting story. When he was traveling on the 50 state tour he met a Japanese sister in Boston who for years could never have a child. She asked him to pray for her that she might have a child. He did and never thought about it again. On the 8 city tour she came to him in New Jersey with great excitement, she was pregnant. She got pregnant shortly after he prayed for her! Rev. Edwards is so sincere and very humbled by the power of God.

Then he asked Mother a question, "The other day I was in my office and I found a book that I had bought for my Father. I was filled with remorse because I forgot to give it to him and now he has passed away. I felt so sorrowful and sad. Then suddenly a book fell off of my top shelf as I was leaning over and hit me squarely in the head. The odd thing was that my remorse and sorrow was instantly transformed. I felt the presence of my father telling me that I shouldn't be sad. He is fine and I should just keep going forward. It was very odd because my Father and I didn't speak very much but this seemed to be so close. Mother, do you think this was him?" True Mother shared that the spirit world is very close now and they are trying to help us. Then we asked if his mother was still alive and he said she was. We mentioned that she could receive the blessing with his father. He said, "Oh they received the holy wine and blessing when Dr. Hendricks visited us one time." Then Mother laughed andsaid, "It was your Father visitedyou! Because of the blessing, ourancestors who are blessed are totally free to help us. Without the blessing it's very difficult. Mother then mentioned in the film it shows her Mother, Dae Mo Nim. Mother shared that her Mother was always so deeply guided by God and the Heavenly realm. Then she explained how St. Augustine is now blessed with Mrs. Kang the first Christian to join our church. The spirit world is so real that she can experience his presence just as a real physical experience when he visits. Rev. Shim reported on the activities in the Texas region. Things were well organized.

The event began with a prayer from Rev. Harvey Starling one of the 120 Ministers and original founding member of the ACLC. Laura Hornbeck led the bridge of peace ceremony in which Muslims, Christians, Jews, Black and white and American Indian crossed over the bridge to reconcile. Then Rev. Biggins called on Rev. C. J. Phillips , another one of the ACLC 120 to come forward to sing a powerful gospel song to set the tone for the evening.

The Ambassadors For Peace, who had just graduated from the conference came forward with the Blue Ambassadorial Sashes (made by the Dallas Family). They gathered at the front of the stage, approximately 60 Ambassadors for Peace. The Honorable Fredie Fraga, former member of the Houston City Council. Swore them in. Raising their right hands they affirmed the four tenants of the Ambassadors For Peace and councilman proclaimed them, "God's Ambassadors for Peace". It was a thrilling moment, filled with dignity and grace.

Rev. Jenkins was introduced and gave the welcoming remarks which are based on the speech that Rev. Kwak gave in Korea on the 8 city tour. This speech highlights the victory of the October Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace Conference in New York. It brings to light the unity that is occurring between the religions. Rabbi David Brodman of Israel, when giving in the closing prayer was suddenly inspired to bring a Moslem leader together on stage with him to finish the prayer together. Professor Kurashaof Zimbabwe testified in his call that Father and Mother are clearly the, "True Parents of Humanity." They love all people and all religions and ask all people to become one family. Rev. Jenkins goes on to explain that Father is calling all people to the 144,000 couple blessing in April, 2001 in Washington, D.C. Every nation will conduct a ceremony by satellite. This blessing is for already married, religious, political and top leaders of every religion and nation. We should even consider marrying not only beyond our race and country but even beyond our religion to bring peace on earth. One Roman Catholic priest at the program gave a warm smile

Then Rev. Edwards came up and preached the Gospel of peace. It was a moment of Pentecost. The audience broke into applause and shouts of joy when he said Father and Mother Moon are inspiring preachers across the land to challenge the biggest threat to marriage and family Adultery. Reading from Proverbs 6:32 he said that adultery destroys the soul. Also, it says that this comes from a lack of understanding. He said we are clearing up that lack of understanding by teaching that Jesus taught no divorce in Mt. 19:6 "What God has joined together let no man put asunder." Father Moon made it most clear, there should only be one key to our love and that key belongs to our spouse. NO SPARE KEY. Mother Moon is bringing a message that is transforming America. That we must do as Jesus taught and tear down the walls and truly love one another. We must become one with the Moslem family, Jewish family, Christian family and all God's children. The audience strongly proclaimed, Amen.

True Mother was magnificent. Her presentation is absolutely beautiful and melts the audience's hearts. Both new guests and those who have been with us for years leave feeling like we are one family. She is proclaiming the Kingdom of God and we are all the Ambassadors for Heaven. We are now becoming citizens of the Kingdom of God.

At the celebration we sang back and forth with East Garden. It was a joy. Many second generation in Texas sang so well. It was pleasing to True Parents. Attendance is so important. It's amazing to see the VIP's streaming into the room to be with our Parents. They love the atmosphere. Father got inspired and then gave a two hour Hoon Dok and his own speech on True Parents.

This tour is definitely another great advancement toward the kingdom. The Clergy, Muslim leaders and political leaders are soaking up the words of Truth concerning the Family as the basis for peace. Mother said this morning that because of the enormous activity of the spirit world the people are yearning for God's word. If we make a strong effort the top people will come.

Thank you so much America for your sacrifice. Mother proclaimed today that this IS the Elder Son Nation.

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