The Words of the Jenkins Family

World Conference For Muslim Leaders in Indonesia

Jorg Heller for Michael Jenkins
December 4, 2001

This memo is to inform you of this opportunity, in case you have contact with Muslims of world level status. Ideally your guest should be familiar with True Father’s mission for world peace, through having attended one or more of the following events:

1. True Parents’ Public Speeches
2. Assembly 2001 in October
3. The recent International Leadership Conferences (ILC)

This will be a conference of the highest standard. Please only send those who you feel are truly qualified. If you feel you have guests who qualify to be considered for invitation to this World Summit, please send their recommendations to:

The IIFWP office will decide whether or not your guest will qualify. This is the information we want to have about your potential guest:

Title, Full Name (first, middle, last)
Name of his Organization
Brief bio (give background and what he is doing now)
Conference Information

Airfare, accommodations and meals will be covered

Arrival Date Dec. 21, 2001 all day

Departure Date Dec. 24, 2001 evening

About 200 guest are expected to attend from all over the world

Tentative Schedule

December 22nd

09:00a – 10:30a Opening Plenary
11:00a – 12:30p Session 2
12:30p – 01:30p Lunch with speaker
02:30p – 03:00p Session 3
03:30p – 05:30p Group meetings by topic
06:30p – 08:30p Dinner with Bridge of Peace

December 23rd

09:00a – 10:30a Plenary 2
11:00a – 12:30p Group meetings
12:30p – 01:30p Lunch
02:00p – 03:30p Closing Session and Declaration

The Conference may be extended, that’s why the departure date is set on the 24th. Clarification will come.

Official Invitation Letter, Response form and schedule will come.

Please send your recommendations by 9:00 pm Tuesday, NY time.

There is little time, please start working on this right away.

God bless you and your family,


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