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General Guidelines Concerning Second Generation Matching and Blessing

Michael Jenkins
December 22, 2001

To: All Leaders; All Regional and State FFWPU
From: Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: December 22, 2001
Re: General Guidelines Concerning Second Generation Matching and Blessing.

Thank you for your patience and faithfulness. The process of the Matching and Blessing of Second Generation is taking shape at this time. Thank you for your patience. There will be many changes as we go forward but here is a general guideline that has been developed by the International Second Generation Department and its U.S. affiliate.

Matching and Blessing Of Second Generation

According to Father’s guidance, the parents of the Blessed Central Families now have the authority before God and True Parents to match their children if those children have kept the heavenly standard. The parents should be concerned with the historical value of the blessing and consider matching their children to blessed children from historical "enemy" nations, races or countries. The parents are to decide the matching.

However, to confirm that a candidate is qualified they must go through the proper application process and be approved by the regional "counselor" Regional Leader and the National Headquarters. Only through this process will the candidates qualify to participate in the blessing ceremony.

The Second Generation Office is directed by Mr. Young Joo Yoo and under the direction of National HQ and Hyun Jin Nim directly. (Special Note: This document is based on the guidelines we have received from the International Second Generation Office. We give them to you to help you prepare. THESE GUIDELINES ARE NOT FINAL. THEY MAY CHANGE.

COUNSELORS: Dr. Yang has asked that each regional leader select a Blessing Counselor for each region. Several may be selected if necessary. The counselor(s) selected in each region will be responsible to review each blessing application and interview personally each candidate. (The main purpose of the interview is to confirm the purity of the candidate and their commitment to the blessing and the responsibility of blessed marriage. Candidates must be 16 or over.

REGIONAL BLESSING CANDIDATES WORKSHOPS: All Blessing workshops will be conducted on a regional level. Please contact your regional HQ for information on schedules.

GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR MATCHING AND BLESSING APPLICATION: (Preliminary – Subject to change). (These steps follow the basic steps of the

"Instructions for the Second Generation Blessing Procedure". )

STEP ONE: PREPARE DOCUMENTS (Some documents may change)

Second Generation Blessing Candidate record.

Parents Consent Form

Blessing Covenant

Birth Certificate

Health Record

AIDS Test Result

Diploma or Certificate of Student Status

Attend Blessing Workshop

Blessing Workshop Graduation Certificate


Portrait / Full Body (One 8" x 10" )

Portrait / Portrait (three 2" x 3")

Introduction Form

Family Introduction Form

Field Interview Form

Step Two: Review Of the Documents

Regional Leader - Accepts and approves candidate

Second Generation Blessing Candidate Interview by counselor (Use Second Gen. Interview Form and then send to Second Gen. Office).

Signature by Regional Director.

Step Three: Headquarters Accepts the Documents

Headquarters Second Gen. Office approves candidate

President approves.

Continental director approves.

Step Four: Matching By Parents (Guidelines forthcoming)

Candidate becomes part of secure website for parents to confer with to find potential matches.

Parents Meeting for Second Generation Blessing Candidate

Matching - Matching results reported to HQ and to the Regional HQ.

Candidate prepares for the Blessing

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