The Words of the Jenkins Family

Chung Pyung Victory

Michael Jenkins
January 12, 2002

Dear Leaders and All families,

Hello from Chung Pyung. It is truly amazing here. The Western contingent, mostly from America, is over 400 husbands. We are going through the Chung Pyung 8-day workshop. Dae Mo Nim expressed joy at the level of participation and commitment to the ancestor liberation demonstrated by the Western husbands. I don't know what is going on but the Westerners are giving everything during the Holy Songs (with clapping) and great sessions of Hoon Dok Hae with the Diving Principle. Chung Pyung is the place of holy pilgrimage. It's very powerful. Also with this workshop are the Japanese 8-day workshop (meeting separately) and the Korean Workshop. There are over 2000 leaders here going through the blessed family training. We had the 43 thru 49 generations of Ancestors liberated last night. Many are shedding tears. The presence of the spirit world is profound.

Many testimonies are coming as Heaven and Earth are now combined together. Many Regional Directors, Vice Regional Directors and AFC, FFWPU and business leaders are here setting conditions for the 144,000 couple blessing. The Coronation of God has given God absolute dominion. The 8-day workshop was originally to be a 21 day workshop equivalent to what our wives went through that allowed our families to go to the registration blessing. Now its the husbands turn !! I know this makes the wives happy. Wives, your husbands are doing a great job. I don't know when I can remember seeing 400 Western leaders and Tribal Messiahs all gathered at one place. All men going forward as true sons of filial piety.

We are proud of the Western / American family.

This is truly the base for the victory of the 144,000.

By the way Bishop Stallings is here, going through the holy songs and all the ceremonies.

Today we had a brotherhood ceremony with the Korean Ambassadors for peace. 400 Western leaders, 400 Japanese and 400 Koreans became brothers today.

Let us celebrate God's Coronation.

God Bless all of our Blessed Central Families.

In True Parents Love,
Michael Jenkins

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