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Blessing 2002 in Korea

Michael Jenkins
February 20, 2002

Dear Leaders and Families,

Blessing 2002 was conducted by our True Parents yesterday in a glorious moment of unity and peace. Couples filled the Olympic Park stadium. Around 15,000 were in attendance. Over 3500 young couples were blessed in marriage. 70 couples were from the U.S. One of the couples was the son of Archbishop David Billings. They were very inspired as his son was blessed with a beautiful sister from the Philippines. World Religious leaders offered very succinct yet beautiful prayers over the couples representing the different faith traditions.

Rev. Kwak's speech highlighted the fact that we are now moving toward the blessing of 144,000 Religious Leaders centering on America.

The prayers were offered in this order. Bea Majit Singh the worldwide leader of over 100,000,000 Sikhs offered a prayer of great love and blessing for the couples. Representing Orthodox Christianity Econnomos Emil Nassef Rohana the Economos o! f Israel of the Uniate Orthodox Church, Ambassador Joseph Silverbird, Dr. Vishwanth Dadari Karad, President of the World Peace Center of Pune. (Representing the Sacred Tradition of Gyaneshwara, His Eminence Lee Won Sang representing the prestigious Taego Order of Buddhism, Rabbi Itzakh Bar Dea, Rabbi of the most wealthy suburb of Jerusalem., His Emminence Sayyed Musawi, Grand Imam, World Alul BaytIslamic League, Pastor T.L. Barrett America Clergy Leadership Conference Co-Convener representing Christianity.

The harmony of the religious leaders was truly unique. Rabbi BarDea could not work due to the fact it was the sabbath. However he wanted to pray for the couples so he stayed in a simple Korean style hotel near thestadium and walked there. When he arrived in the VIP waiting room Pastor Barrett noticed that his shoe came untied and, knowing that the Rabbi could not work, crouched down to tie the Rabbi's shoe. The Rabbi said, "Oh no I can work on that. Pastor Barrett insisted. It was like Jesus washing one of the Rabbi's feet!. Imam Masawi was so unassuming as they prepared for prayer. Pastor Barrett suggested that in commemoration of this historic gathering each one sign the others program, which each in turn did for one another. The institution of joint prayers given for the blessing began with Blessing 97 at RFK stadium. Pastor Barrett was on hand then to give the prayer of blessing for Christianity. He prayed, "Dear Lord, thank you for giving us the True Parents of all humanity, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. We pray that all of these couples will become True Parents and True Families."

Sir James Mancham the founder and first President of the Republic of Seychelles gave the congratulatory address.

One of the most moving moments was when True Parents prayed for the blessing. Instead of praying with their arms stretched out over the couples True Parents faced each other and holding hands together t! hey prayed. It was so beautiful and inspiring to see such love demonstrated by True Parents for all the newlyweds.

On the way back the religious leaders were deeply impressed and inspired by the beauty of these couples and their pledge before God. That night Father asked all the religious leaders to bless their leadership in the same way for the 144,000 blessing.

God is on the move for the 144,000 !

Thank you to all Blessed Central Families, you have the power and authority to claim the land and the people of God for Heaven. Please follow the One Family One Church providence and you will fulfill the 144,000.


Michael Jenkins

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