The Words of the Jenkins Family

Fathers direction concerning 144,000

Michael Jenkins
March 2, 2002

Dear Leaders,

Thank you for your serious efforts to reach and bless the Clergy. After Pledge service in Hawaii today Father was very serious. Father has asked that all families be responsible to fulfill their role to bless the 144,000 Clergy couples. He said the time is as serious as we were in World War II. Father could not sleep last night due to the urgent time.

He has now mobilized all Japanese Missionaries world wide to come to America to ensure that we bless 144,000 clergy. They will arrive between March 5 and March 120. Every family should work together with the Japanese missionaries to fulfill the goal. Every families goal is to work with 5 churches each and then through those 5 churches bless 12 minister couples per church. The goal is 56 clergy couples or more per family in North America.

Father said the 144,000 is the crossroad for America. We must fulfill it or God's will have to go beyond Christianity to work with another religion to establish God's kingdom. (This is what Father shared with the Executive Committee of the ACLC recently.). To ensure victory Father is mobilizing Korean National Messiahs to come to each one of the 50 states.

Our first focus is to bless the 1200 core clergy and bring them to one of the 4 ACLC convocations. (300 per convocation). We should also have each of the core clergy do an "Altar Call" blessing in their own churches for couples who are ministers in their churches. They should identify 12 other pastors and bless them an then hold the blessing in their churches.

We must fulfill the 144,000 blessing before April 27th. Please give your whole heart. Work together with other Blessed Central Families who are already involved with churches. Visit the clergy and their churches together.

Together with True Parents love and heart we will bring victory.

Thank you.

Sincerely in True Parents Love,


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