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Blessing update: Father matches ministers and 50-state tour

Michael Jenkins
April 3, 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Father has made and is continuing to make a blessing hurricane. Father has matched Archbishop David Billings and Rev. Kenyatta. Rev. Kenyatta was matched to Mrs. Shu, the Korean ginseng business owner from Ohio. They are both thrilled.


Father has initiated a 50 state speaking tour centering on three ministers. The three Father chose were, Rev. Kenyatta, Bishop Billings and Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker. Dr. Walker is just recovered from a severe illness and is not released from the doctor's care but is in full support of the Blessing of Marriages (Christian Marriage) and World Peace. Rev. Kenyatta and Bishop Billings with their fiancées and a substitute for Dr. Walker will travel to all 50 states from April 3rd to April 20th.

The National evangelist will speak about the altar call blessings in churches. Bishop Billings, or Rev. Kenyatta will give their testimony about marriage and Father's choice for them.

[The MD event will be the April 6 prayer breakfast in Baltimore - Morning Star Baptist Church, 1063 W. Fayette St. 9:30-11:30 a.m. (Call Gregg Jones at 443-829-8946 for more info); the VA event will be April 15 in Norfolk.]

Father wants to thank the black community for the support they have given God's will. Father has asked that not only clergy but also elected officials and policy makers be invited to come. The clergy as prophets should give encouragement to the elected officials to support the strengthening of families and the end of division among race, denominations, religions and peoples. The clergy relationship to the civic leader has a deep and important complimentary purpose.

Please keep absolute faith and joy at this time. God is working incredible miracles. Washington is the epicenter of this historic turning point. The Japanese sisters are combing through every community in America to bring the blessing to all clergy, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Catholic, Pentecostal, Baptist -- you name it and be sure that a Japanese missionary with our Korean National Messiahs and Elder Son Nation representatives are there conveying God's blessing for the family. We are approaching 90,000 now.

Thanks America.
Michael Jenkins

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