The Words of the Jenkins Family

Notes about TF from HQ e-mails

Michael Jenkins
April 10, 2002

Here are some small excerpts about True Father from recent HQ e-mails:

Received April 10:

Dear Leaders,

Father blessed us by joining the conference call tonight. His strongly guided us to push forward to fulfill the 144,000 immediately. This was a great blessing that Father would pay such close attention to us. His speech to us is on the web site in Korean. It will be translated today. Thank You.


Received April 7

After Hoon Dok Hae Father told us that instead of going out for the 144,000 that we should go fishing with Father on the Hudson river. One small stipulation - Don't come back until you catch at least one 18 inch or longer Stripped Bass. Rev. Dong Woo Kim (who is representing Dr. Yang) and I caught two keepers each. Some boats stayed out a long time. The leaders were in their suits on the water. It was cold.

We should think about the fact that to set the condition for the 144,000 True Father has gone out everyday in this cold weather never coming in until his boat reached the legal limit. Some days with the wind chill it was in the teens.


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