The Words of the Jenkins Family

Happy 48th Foundation Day!

Michael Jenkins
May 1, 2002

Dear Leaders and Families,

During the Hoon Dok Hae this morning Father had Rev. Kwak read the victorious history of our True Parents from the 1954 founding of the Unification Church thru the Danbury course through the 1985 liberation, 1992 WFWP reestablishment of the Brides role and the subsequent 30,000 couple blessing. Then to the 360,000 couple blessing in 1995, the 3.6 million blessing at RFK and the expansion to the 39.6 million couples blessing and the blessings in 1998 at MSG, 1999 in Olympic stadium and 2000 at Olympic stadium. Then the International Blessing last year and now the Religious Leaders blessing starting from May of 2001 to now April 27, 2002. These blessings have set the foundation for the Kingdom of God.

Father launched a glorious march to expand our Christian and Religious foundation. He said that it will expand rapidly, especially through very big churches and famous ministers. Now we can expand to reach 1,440,000 by blessing their congregation and community and bring their community into their church to build the ACLC affiliate churches. These ACLC churches will become most powerful.

Every church should put "Family" in its name. This will create a new culture and climate in America. Father proclaimed today that the Christian spirit has been totally resurrected in America.

Thank you Leaders and all Blessed Central Families. Father emphasized today that the Blessed Central Families' position is very powerful and significant if we understand the providence at this time and how the spirit world is working.

We are going to touch every aspect of America based on the religious foundation. Now we will have a Black Leaders Summit, Women Leaders Summit, and the WT 20th Anniversary.

Father concluded this morning with the commission that we now are on the path to victory on July 3rd. Through the Christian/ Youth Couples blessing we will make the July 4th Celebration God's Independence day!!

Thanks America.

Victory on July 3, 2002.


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