The Words of the Jenkins Family

The Night before True Day of All Things

Michael Jenkins
June, 2002

On June 12, 2002 Dr. Yang and I arrived late at Chung Pyung and immediately went to True Parentís room on the fourth floor where Father has been watching the World Cup. At Chung Pyung, Dae Mo Nim prepared True Parents living area directly based on instructions from heaven. The room is very beautiful and has a huge picture window which stretches its whole length. From the room you can see the mountain to the left of the tree of blessing and across the small bay next to the training center as well as the main body of Chung Pyung lake. It is a breathtaking view.

In 1997 there were only tent barracks on the property and a small stone training center built by Father himself with early members. In the earlier years you could only get to this area by boat. There were no roads. Father held the first workshop there in the small training center. While Father intensely prayed for the providence there at Chung Pyung there were only a handful of members. Now whenever I go in the dining room I canít help but think Fatherís prayer in those dark times when no one knew the providence and he stood alone in this dark world. Still at that time he predicted that one day Chung Pyung would become an international training center in which the whole world would visit. Fatherís prophecy has come true.

As soon as we arrived Dr. Yang gave a report. He gave a brief overview of the impact of the 144,000 couple blessing on religious leaders, particularly the Christian leaders. He testified as to how Rev. Dr. E.V. Hill stood strong in the face of opposition and came to the blessing and now testifies on video tape that Jesus is with it and you donít even ask if his name is included because wherever Jesus is got it going on he will be there.

He reported as to how we are marching to July 3rd with confidence and hope and expectation that True Parents miracles are occurring everywhere. He also told Father about the Second Generation leaders that are now joining in to lead the July 3rd Blessing. Pastor Barrettís miracle have affected Christians throughout America as well as the story of Bishop Stallings and his blessing. But we were all surprised that Minister Torrey Barrett, Pastor Barrettís son had such a miraculous healing of his marriage when Father reached out and joined he and his wifeís hands together.

Minister Ishmael Muhammad, son of Elijah Muhammad, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King III and Rev. Dr. Ralph David Abernathy Jr. have given their support for the July 3rd blessing. Dr. Yang reported that we are blessing every church, one by one to fulfill Fatherís direction that each of the 144,000 should bless 12 couples in their congregation and then expand. This gives us the 1,728,000 goal for expansion of the blessing through the 144,000 Clergy Couples. Dr. Yang reported that this will take until the end of the year.

Dr. Yang then reported on the Washington Times Banquet. Father was especially interested in the fact that CSPAN broadcast Fatherís speech over and over throughout America.

Dr. Yang then showed the photo album of the three conferences. The Points of Light, Making the Dream Real (Leadership Conference focusing on the contribution of the Black community to America.), Korea, Japan and America in the Pacific era. Father looked carefully at each page of the album with a warm smile. Dr. Yang presented the details of each conference carefully. Father was very comforted by the development going on in America. In conclusion, Dr. Yang presented the 50 State 52 City We Will Stand in Oneness commemorative books.

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