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High School Second Generation Coming to DC

Michael Jenkins
June 19, 2002

Service For Peace - Summer Of Service

Dear Leaders and Parents,

Greetings in True Parents' love. As we are preparing for the Blessing on July 3rd, you are probably also aware that on Friday, July 26th we will be holding the Service for Peace 2002: "True Love in Action" rally at 7:30 PM at the MCI Center in Washington, D.C.

This event is part of the Service for Peace World Tour 2002 and will be the high point of the "Summer of Service" program, which is taking place throughout America. The rally is one of five national events scheduled around the world this summer. Other nations participating in the world tour are Korea, Japan, Philippines and Mongolia.

On July 26th, Hyun Jin Nim will address 10,000 people of all ages, faiths and races, highlighting the fact that we are one family under God and lifting up the lifestyle of living for the sake of others. He founded Service for Peace as a vehicle for the transformation of people's hearts and lives, so that as one human family, we can realize God's dream of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

The purpose of the "Summer of Service" is to provide a chance for young people (and their parents) to become 'peacemakers' by participating in Service for Peace projects and taking ownership of the SFP vision. Washington, D.C. is the center for the "Summer of Service" program and the site for the July 26th rally. In the nation's capital we want to make a powerful model and statement that can move the world.

To give full support to this effort, Dr. Yang and our national leadership are asking all high school-aged blessed children (9th grade and above) from the Chicago block to the east coast, to come to Washington, D.C. on Saturday, June 29, to join in this historic national project and plan to stay until Sunday, July 28. There will be a kickoff service at the Washington, D.C. church on Sunday, June 30.

We will be doing Service for Peace projects together throughout the DC area in the month of July, and then join together with Hyun Jin Nim in a huge celebration at the MCI Center on July 26th! Then on July 27th, we will hold a one-day celebration and educational event (featuring Divine Principle content) for all the "Summer of Service" participants and their families.

A team of 70 volunteers from World CARP, SFP, STF and university student BC's is already in Washington preparing the foundation for hundreds of BC's to come from around the country and participate in projects. Many exciting breakthroughs are taking place daily.

We want to assure the parents that their children will be well cared for while they are here in Washington. We will provide lodging and food, as well as spiritual education each day, as part of a complete daily schedule. They will be under constant care and supervision by the SFP team leaders, who will guide them in doing SFP projects and other exciting activities.

We are asking each region to be responsible to organize transportation for the 2nd Generation and cover the costs associated with the trip to and from Washington. We will cover all of their expenses, except for their pocket money. We are arranging the accommodations for the high school students now, with the help of the leadership and the Blessed Central Families in the DC area.

Washington, D.C. has become a 'school' for Service for Peace this summer; and when your children return, they will have gained the experience to be able to initiate SFP in their local areas. The power of doing Service for Peace is transforming the hearts of people, young and old, and actually changing the culture to one of unselfish service and love!

Our ACLC DC Chairman Rev. Dr. C. Phillip Johnson said, "When these young people came and joined with my church members and did a community festival in the parking lot of my church, the whole neighborhood was moved. The sight of young people from all races, face painting and doing a cookout touched the hearts of our families. Now the community is begging them to do it again !!! We know there will be hundreds coming from this neighborhood to the rally on July 26th."

We can solve God's headache of youth immorality and bring about a revolution of heart in America. The goal of "Rebuilding the Family, Restoring the Community and Renewing the Nation and World" can be realized through Service for Peace.

This is a great, historic opportunity and it will be an unforgettable experience for the 2nd Generation to work together and support God's providence, centering on Hyun Jin Nim. We look forward to seeing you in Washington and to bringing this great victory for Heavenly Father and True Parents.

WHO: All Second Generation from Chicago east (9th grade and above)

WHEN: June 29th - July 27th

WHERE: Washington, D.C. (Come to Washington Family Church for kickoff on

Sunday, June 30

WHAT TO BRING: Summer Clothes, Pocket money, and sleeping bag

FEES: None (All expenses covered except trip to D.C. and back)

In True Parents' Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

Rev. Joshua Cotter

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