The Words of the Jenkins Family

Canceling High School Workshops

Michael Jenkins
June 23, 2002

Dear Parents,

The spirit around Washington DC is amazing! With all the preparations for the July 3rd Blessing, and the whirlwind of activities surrounding the Summer of Service. The clergy and church members that we are working with are sincerely moved by our second generation young brothers and sisters who are doing their best to love and serve.

We are setting a tremendous condition of sacrifice to ignite a revolution of heart. Thatís why we are asking all families and especially our second generation to sacrifice more than before. We fully realize that summer camps and other plans are being sacrificed by our parents, second generation and our leaders. We know that it is not easy. However, the situation of young people in America is truly serious and will not be transformed without a major transformation within our own hearts. That transformation is really taking place before our own eyes with the second generationís efforts here. Please pray and seek Godís guidance and understanding. Hyun Jin Nim has taken responsibility to inherit Fatherís role. This alone is far beyond our understanding or ability to comprehend. In that capacity, through his prayer and the anointed position he holds, heaven has revealed to him that the time for a major change in America is now. Just as the young people came to the front lines to establish America at the call of George Washington. Our young people are coming to the front line again to save the nation. This is real. The conditions of sacrifice of our National Messiahís and Japanese missionaries have set the stage for such a transformation. Because of the enormous sacrifice heaven is pouring down its blessing on America and especially in Washington for the July 3rd Blessing and the July 26th Service for Peace rally. Miracles are happening with the ministers because of these sacrifices.

Although he feels pain over your sacrifice, Dr. Yang knows that we must move quickly while fortune is with us. He has been giving his absolute support and commitment to our goal of building the cultural change in America that is symbolized by the Summer of Service and Service for Peace Rally in DC this summer. He has seen the power and energy that have developed over the past few weeks in Washington, and based on this he has directed all young high school BCís to come to work with CARP and other 2nd generation members during the month of July rather than go to summer camp. Much of the excitement occurring in DC has been generated by college aged BCís who also gave up other summer plans to be here and make a difference. The CARP and Service for Peace staff greatly appreciates the initiative and conviction shown by Dr. Yang by making this decision regarding blessed central families, rather than waiting around for a directive from Hyun Jin Nim or True Parents

The entire focus of this summerís activities is to create a substantial expression of the core teachings of True Parents and True Family: living for the sake of others. We originally envisioned this to be accomplished through Blessed central families and young people establishing Service for Peace in their own hometown, then bringing the Service for Peace participants to DC for the big rally. Once we recognized the challenges of accomplishing that strategy, the CARP USA staff agreed to bring everyone to DC for hands-on experience and training in Service for Peace activities.

This will be an empowering program of getting fully involved in service projects and outreach activities. Already the 2nd Generation volunteers in DC have laid a great foundation in order to bring the fruits in July. Young people who come to DC must be prepared to really invest themselves and work hard. This will require a certain level of maturity on the part of each person. The goal is to add value to the Summer of Service, and learn to be an owner of Service for Peace. Weíll make sure that everyone has an enjoyable and enriching experience, but it wonít be easy and itís not all fun. The reward for that will be a truly transforming experience together with older brothers and sisters from around the country. All of CARPís activities are looking beyond July 26th, to creating peacemakers out of all our participants, and building a culture where service and true love are the social norms. Every participant who comes for the entire program from 6/29 to 7/27 will fulfill 100 hours of service, and be eligible for the presidentís gold award.

Meanwhile, we are receiving tremendous support from the FFWPU, church leaders, and blessed central families in applying the more traditional mobilization techniques. These are working well in harmony with the service and outreach activities, and are a necessary part of bringing success on the 26th. Many of the BCís currently in DC have found that they are experiencing the exact same things as their parents did during the Washington Monument Rally long ago. They are praying desperately with tears for our nation every night at the Holy Ground in front of the White House.

Our experienced World CARP USA team in Washington consists of Joshua Cotter, Robert Kittel, Steve Nomura, Michelle Meyers, Joe Leonard, George Kazakos, Norbert Szolnoky, Lili Kato, Jamal Johnson and Anne Marie Weinman, as well as many other support staff. They will be working together with In Soo Kim and his 2nd generation office staff in caring for and organizing the teams of young people in Washington DC. We are eagerly accepting volunteer parents and adults who want to spend all or part of the month working on this exciting and meaningful project. We will be sending further information about the program specifics over the next few days. We are sending this to you now so that you can understand the purpose and vision of this Summer of Service mobilization. Your contact person in Washington DC for immediate questions will be Ann Marie Weinman.

Mr. Brian Sabourin and Mr. Noah Ross will continue to lead the summer camps for middle and elementary school students. They have shown an incredible integrity and resiliency through these changes. Those families of high school students who have signed up and paid for summer camp at Camp Sunrise will be refunded their fees by Brian Sabourin. We ask the families of any these young people who will be mobilizing to Washington to please consider offering these funds to support the activities there. The costs are high, and we believe that the experience will be a great one for all who attend.

The middle school summer camps at Camp Sunrise will continue, and will follow a new schedule. There will be one middle school camp scheduled from July 5th to the 15th, and a second one from July 15th to the 25th. Mr. Sabourin will be in touch with you regarding the scheduling of these camps. The elementary school camps will continue unchanged. Please address all questions regarding any of the summer camps at Camp Sunrise to Mr. Sabourin.

Weíre grateful for all the support and understanding from blessed central families everywhere as we prepare for this event. All the people working in Washington are keenly aware that this is not an event produced by one organization within our movement, but that it is an event to promote God, True Parents, and True Family, and that it takes all of us pulling together to make it work.

Thank you for your faithful work,

Michael Jenkins

Ken Bates

Joshua Cotter
Pres. World CARP USA

Please note by the signatures on this letter that our whole movement is working together to make this a powerful event as we enter the Settlement Age.

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