The Words of the Jenkins Family

Thank You From Rev. Jenkins

Michael Jenkins
July 7, 2002

Dear Washington Community,

I sincerely thank Rev. In Hoi Lee, Rev. Lykes and all of our Pastors and Event Coordinators for another excellent effort to bring joy and happiness to our True Parents. Your commitment and effort brought the success of July 3rd and allowed Father to proclaim the 4th of July as God's Independence Day.

We are living in the time of great transition in which people of faith are being required to sacrifice much and have great faith. I am deeply inspired by the Washington Community and the heart that this community is showing to all of America.

The development of the Clergy work here is proceeding at a very rapid pace and we are witnessing the transformation of clergy in a moment. They can feel the spirit. They felt it on July 3rd. Now they are ready for the next step.

What is that next step? To continue the One Family-One Church direction and deepen our relationship with every church by focusing on Service for Peace together with our Christian church brothers and sisters. Their desire and concern for young people is deep and widespread at this time. As we go forward as first and second generation to serve, we are bringing a spirit of hope and love that can transform the hearts of the people.

People really want to come to the MCI center. Many of your children have taken the plunge into the Service for Peace. If you teens haven't joined, please encourage them to do so. The young people are having genuine fun and deep experiences.

We are now establishing a 2000 voice choir as well as working with the DC Public schools and churches to have a special Serve the Nation program on July 23-26 in which 2000 Christian youth are now organizing from Detroit to NY and south to the Carolinas to come for an educational experience in which we will serve the Nation's Capitol and send a message to America and the World that service and love are the only sure paths to peace and reconciliation.

Those that helped us organize the Million Family March have now gotten on board and are already organizing. They want to see the Youth and Families of DC SHINE !! and give hope to the nation and the world.

Blessed Central Families, your power is as great as you will let it become. All of heaven and earth supports us.

True Father is deeply pleased with the development of the Religious leaders, especially seeing the Christians able to embrace the world religions as they did on July 3rd. It is a sight to behold.

Let us bring joy to God and experience joy together with our True Parents as we rally with 10,000 young people and ignite a revolution.

Thanks Washington Family,

Michael Jenkins
Senior Pastor
Washington Family Church
President, FFWP USA

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