The Words of the Jenkins Family

USA Rally Purpose

Michael Jenkins
July 20, 2002

Dear Leaders and All Families,

We are having a unique and inspiring experience working in DC for Service for Peace. We are consistently serving the churches and the community and now, just in the last week, there is significant response. The DC Schools, many pastors and hundreds of families are now coming out with us to clean and beautify the schools. Also, based on Lily Katos outreach with our second generation the Youth Clubs of the DC Police have signed up over 200 Youth for the July 26th event.

People are experiencing True Love from our second generation and are responding.

We sincerely ask that all and every Blessed Central Family come on Friday, July 26th to the MCI center. Bring all your family members and guests. It will be an unforgettable experience. True Father has said that the key to moving America are the Youth, the Women and the Clergy. The Clergy are profoundly standing with True Parents on the blessing and now through service for peace a youth movement of heart has risen to bless and heal this nation. Here is Akiko Ikeno's assessment for the USA.

Thank you.




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Theme: "Change the culture of America into the culture of Service" We will work to get every American involved with service...

-- Every young person will take on the 100-hour Presidential Service challenge so in 2003 they will be on stage receiving the award. -- Every organization will get their people involved with service and become a service organization (church, community center, school, etc)

This 2002 rally is the kick-off point for this year long effort. This is a coming together of all organizations that work with youth and is the kick-off point for getting them involved with the 100-hour challenge. We want all those who want to get involved to come together and bring their members out. In 2003 we will regather to award all those who have fulfilled this 100 hour challenge.

Akiko Ikeno 

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