The Words of the Jenkins Family

Service for Peace Rally a Success

Michael Jenkins
July 29, 2002

Dear Leaders and Brothers and Sisters,

We offer our sincere congratulations to Hyun Jin Nim and all those that joined together for Service for Peace on July 26th. Also special thanks to our families who came out in full support with their whole family and guests.

There was outstanding support from our first and second generation who came from New England to the South from Boston, Connecticut, NY, NJ all the way across the east coast to Florida and west to Chicago. Some even came from California. Art Roselle, AFC of Detroit together with Rev. Wm. Revely ACLC National committee member organized two buses for the event.

Both generations were well represented. The summer of service was a month long experience in which 250 of our young people from the Family Federation families came and worked to serve every aspect of the community in Washington.

The culminating event of service occurred when we joined with the DC public schools and Superintendent Vance and cleaned the schools. Dr. Linda Boyd, our media consultant, helped set up the project with Michelle Meyers. She was the one who led the 50 state We Will Stand Media Team with Rev. Phillip Schanker. With her deep relations with the media she worked with the Washington Post editors and the reporter to give the best possible report on the reality of the hundreds of service projects that were done throughout the DC area. Hyun Jin Nim said that the article in the Washington Post was very good. With Police, civic associations, churches and YMCA and other youth groups our young people joined hand in hand to beautify the schools and demonstrate True Love.

The rally was very exciting. True Mother, Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang, Mr. Joo and members of True Family watched from special box seats high above the stage. Mother clapped with a big smile with Rev. Joshua Cotter came out and announced that Hyun Jin Nim was the visionary behind service for peace. True Mother gave incredible and complete support for Hyun Jin Nim. True Father watched the event from the web cast. Both were very proud of Hyun Jin Nim for the vision.

Rev. Joshua Cotter is to be highly commended for standing as central coordinator for the whole event and the work leading up to it. His leadership was very well balanced and unifying.

As with Mongolia, it almost appeared as if the turnout would be very low. Then Akiko Ikeno came to town and ignited a big fire to get everyone moving toward bringing the Service for Peace recipients to the rally. Dr. Yang called upon all second generation from the east coast to join in from early July and this became the backbone of our effort. 21 State leaders completely dropped everything and moved to Washington to support this rally.

Regions west of the Mississippi raised funds to support the bus mobilization.

AFC organized congressional appointments and more than 40 congressmen were met and connected to Service for Peace. Ken Bates as VP of World Carp and Dr. Thomas Phillips helped us to understand Hyun Jin Nim's heart and vision for ownership.

All organizations worked side by side. Mr. Michael Balcomb read the Clouds of Witnesses helped develop the school project. Mr. Robert Kittle with Joe Leonard and George helped lead the young people to serve the community.

Pastor T.L. Barrett's son Torrey, who played a significant role in the July 3rd Blessing caught the vision of SFP and is really moved by Hyun Jin Nim. Torrey was a fantastic MC. ACLC Executive Director Levy Daugherty, with Rev. Phillip Thomas, Revs. Lemont, Onishi, and Yujiri worked on the choirs. 45 churches (Many from the blessing) worked with ACLC Exec. Committee leader Dr. Cleveland Sparrow's son, Solomon and together with the renowned choir director Dr. Thomas Tyler put over 750 voices together in two weeks. The choir gave their whole heart. There was some disturbance with the choir but Rev. Daugherty completely solved it by testifying to his relationship with Jesus and Father Moon. Rev. Daugherty "Baptized" them with the Holy Spirit and challenged them to sing to that Jesus explodes with love just like Hyun Jin Nim was conveying -- Love in Action. They exploded with power in their finale.

At celebration that night Father and Mother were very proud. Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang gave reports highlighting the many successes from the event.

Bishop Stallings and other clergy expressed their inspiration as to the quality and depth of Hyun Jin Nim. I personally was moved very deeply by Hyun Jin Nim. He is totally real and committed. His speech moved my soul.

Father called it a successful rally the next day. Dr. Yang reported to Father and Rev. Kwak also reported many times concerning Hyun Jin Nim's vision that this rally was to build a foundation that would lead to the future. Father gave his support. Next year through experiential service based education we want to bring 100,000 together.

The second generation are returning home now. Many are sad that this time is over. But in another way its just beginning. We strongly encourage all Families and organizations to support these young people and work side by side with them to build service for Peace across America. Father emphasized at breakfast that we must connect the teaching of purity and the blessing of marriage in the hearts of the Service for Peace movement. If we plant True Father's teaching of the family in each person's heart they will become True Families.

Shin Won Nim, Hyun Jin Nim's son went to the front line and did service. Bishop J. was so excited to be connected to all of it. He worked with Shin Won to clean the bathroom in Walker Jones elementary school. was so excited to be connected to all of it. He worked with Shin Won to clean the bathroom in Walker Jones elementary school. Bishop J. loves Hyun Jin Nim and Service for Peace. When he goes with Service for Peace he becomes a teenage. loves Hyun Jin Nim and Service for Peace. When he goes with Service for Peace he becomes a teenage. Bishop J. threw off his clerical collar and put on a football jersey and got with the 300 young people at one of the final rallies.

He got excited and started chanting Service for Peace, Stir it Up !!!, Service For Peace, Stir It Up !!! Then he jumped on the drums and lifted us all.

As Father has taught us, "Let us go forward with the Heart of a Father in the Shoes of a Servant, shedding sweat for earth, tears for man and blood for heaven!" Let us Save America and the World. Service for Peace, Stir it Up !!! God is working.

Thanks America.


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