The Words of the Jenkins Family

Update On The Blessing Activity And The Clouds Of Witnesses 1.2

Michael Jenkins
August 26, 2002

Dear Family and Brothers and Sisters,

We must be bold and strong. The Clouds testimony is causing the ministers to leap forward on faith. At a meeting in Chicago, 300 (Mostly clergy) gathered for the regular monthly meeting. Due to the request of some pastors, a number of ministers who were upset about the ad asked to be included on the program.

We did and they asked all the difficult questions. It was definitely challenging but because of the years of foundation that we have with the key clergy it went well. Our Chicago Co-Convener Dr. Harold White was magnificent. He said, "Nothing has changed. Jesus is in this movement. We are blessing families and churches are now focusing on marriage and family because of Father Moon. I have become stronger after the ad."

Also, many questions were asked and some believed that the article stated that Father was God. The experience was just like the time of Jesus where many were accusing Jesus because he stated he was the Son of God. They tried to stone him for it.

Father will never be stoned again. Why, because the second Israel is standing up for Father and the truth of the Clouds of Witnesses. Bishop J., Dr. Connie Bansa, Rev. Jesse Edwards, Rev. C. Phillip Johnson (Wash. D.C. chair) all testified that the time of the Second Coming is at hand. Many of the above testified that they believe that Father is the one chosen to fulfill the Second Coming.

Miracles are happening. We just have to have absolute faith. The introduction that our special committee has done was the foundation upon which the above clergy could accept and now proclaim the clouds as true. Once they understood from a deeper Biblical perspective as to how Jesus is returning through Rev. Moon like Elijah did, then the ministers can change.

Rev. Edwards gave a powerful testimony. Moses was a Messiah, Jesus is my Lord and paid for our sin at Calvary. Now I'm glad Rev. Moon was chosen. I'm glad we have a Messiah for this age . He is the one to lead us to the Promised Land.

Don't be afraid and don't miss the train. You know you should be on it, that's why so many are here. Don't miss the train - get on board.

Rev. A.I. Dunlap who fought the Tribune in 1987 and will die for Father said, "Father Moon is the only one bringing the races together. He's the only one bringing the family together. Those who are against God want to stop him."

After the meeting many clergy were called. It is an amazing story. They, for the most part, even the very negative clergy said they want to still work with ACLC. They are praying about the clouds. The real thing happening from the spirit world and the support of Jesus is that the testimonies have caused Christian leaders throughout America, many who we do not see, to pray now and question, could he be the one??

Now is the time to strongly distribute the Clouds. That is your proclamation. Have no fear. Father did not say to go out and proclaim he is the Messiah. He directed us to make sure every leader in America and the World gets the testimonies of the Saints. That's your proclamation. Put the testimonies out there. Be sure to do it with the special introduction. Father said recently to Dr. Yang that we must educate the clergy or they won't understand. I've read the intro and discussed it paragraph by paragraph will all the key ACLC Executive Committee members, each one of them have completely changed when they were educated.

Be bold and strong. The testimonies cause a transformation that I've never witnessed before. Now is the time for the outpouring of the spirit for September 14th. Push hard to bring the couples to the blessing. They will come. Always ask the ministers to bring 12 other clergy. It is correct and according to Father's direction. He told the clergy who were blessed to blessw 12 other clergy. September 14th is their chance. Push hard America. Bring America to the blessing.

Rev. Edwards received so much persecution. But he is not afraid. Just after the clouds ad two members came in and each at separate times brought him the ad. They said do you believe this. He said I'm praying about it. They said, "Fine, we're leaving and the two families left his church." He felt difficult about it but he knew that God commanded him to stay with ACLC. He will not give it up. Then his brother in law came in last week. His brother in law is a pastor and is the one that persecuted him the most. He is the one that got the tribunal going with Rev. Edward's denomination and made so much trouble.

The week before last he came in to Rev. Edwards and said, "I see how much you have grown in your faith in Jesus. I feel that Jesus is with you stronger than ever. I want to combine my Christian school with yours." Rev. Edwards was shocked. He couldn't believe that this was the same one that called him a betrayer of Jesus. Rev. Edwards sees clearly that this change came after the Clouds ad.

Then, yesterday, two members called up and said that they wanted to attend the next marriage blessing that they have been hearing about. The amazing thing is that they weren't even invited. They just felt led by the spirit to sign up. These two families believe that Rev. Edwards is on the path of the Lord.

This is why you must be strong brothers and sisters. The dam is about to break if the Blessed Central Families distribute and educate with the clouds and the intro piece.

Please sacrifice for this nation and the world. The time has come. The time is now.

Sincerely with love,


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