The Words of the Jenkins Family

Jin Joo

Michael Jenkins
September 1, 2002

Dear Family and Brothers and Sisters,

We sincerely ask that as a movement we remain prayerful and united as we walk this path together with our True Parents and the Byrne family. True Parents and True Family have directly gone this course before us and in such times demonstrated profound love and faith in God and immense love for all of us. Martin and Isabel Byrne are demonstrating the same spirit, love and faith.

The whole community, police, police chaplain and all Blessed Central Families came together for a prayer service last night Rev. Schanker and Christina Seher have been counseling and guiding Jin Joo's team members. Isabel and Martin Byrne are demonstrating incredible faith. They have decided that Jin Joo's Seung Hwa will be in Washington, D.C. This will take place on Wednesday at the Columbia Rd. church.

Jin Joo's remarkable life of faith is now unfolding before us as many testimonies are given. We are grateful that such a beautiful person lived so fully for God and True Parents. We also pray for her family members, her spouse and relatives.

Let us reflect deeply on our course as a people of faith. True Mother is now about to tour America and the Blessing of Marriage is being held in New York centering on reconciliation between Muslims and Christians with the heart to heal September 11th. This is a time for faith. This is certainly the last days. America must be transformed for a new world where violence and hate are no more. Together with our True Parents and True Family we shall overcome.

Thank you Jin Joo. Your life has brought us closer to the God's heart.

Rev. Michael Jenkins 

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