The Words of the Jenkins Family

"Who Am I?"

Michael Jenkins
September 1, 2002
Sunday Sermon

I’m so grateful that our family has come together on this Sunday, and also I really want to thank Dr. Thomas Tyler from Metropolitan Baptist Church for many years. That’s one of the finest ministries in America. Please stand up, Dr. Tyler. We love you.

Just so you know who Dr. Tyler is, he’s one who did so much with Dr. Beecher Hicks at Metropolitan, and that church grew to be a major ministry in America. Dr. Tyler has performed and lifted the hearts of many of our nation’s presidents. Somehow through the work of bringing the body of Christ together, he has felt touched by Jesus as he was working with Rev. Daugherty and our young people during Service for Peace time to come and be the choir director fro the Washington Family Church. God bless you. Thank you.

He knows none of us get to this place easily. When we had the Service for Peace event, the orientation there was not so religious. Many of the Christian choirs that came got upset and confused and they marched out into the hallway of the MCI Center, a couple hundred of them. That was as close as Dr. Tyler is ever going to be to becoming like Jesus -- they almost nailed him to the cross right there. They were questioning, why are you bringing us here?

But somehow he felt that we are embracing all of God’s children, that our Christian faith in Jesus and our understanding of how Jesus has anointed TP is so absolute, so sure, that we can even stand in forums where we don’t proclaim our faith so strongly but yet try to love people of all religions.

Rev. Daugherty stepped forward and said, I think Hyun Jin Nim has more Jesus in him than any of you. Who feels they got more Jesus in them? Almost everybody raised their hand right at that moment. There was a little confusion. Then Rev. Daugherty told them with Dr. Tyler, if you’ve got more Jesus in you then you should go back in there and sing and love everybody, right? Then they changed their direction.

Usually when people walk out, that’s about it, especially when you’ve got a big crowd and no megaphone. But the crowd turned itself toward the Lord, and from that kind of trial Dr. Tyler got an inspiration that he should be our choir director. So we praise God for you.

I thank you, Rev. Lykes, for leading our region here in Rev. Lee’s absence. Many of our Korean regional directors are working in their hometowns in Korea because the focus of the dispensation right now is very intensely centered upon the unification of North and South Korea. That’s why to have Dr. Pak here, I am really, really grateful. We want to make our worship service a little shorter so that we can hear from him. We need to hear his sweet voice again. Talk about trials and tribulations. We’re just so grateful that he’s always been loving to us as American families and also been a guide and really a teacher. Over the years he has shared with me very deep insights about how to fulfill our responsibility before heaven.

We are saddened by Jin Joo Byrne’s passing. Everybody in the movement in North America and throughout the world are very, very deeply shocked and saddened by this incredible tragedy, and yet again, when these kinds of things come upon us, we have to renew our covenant with God because ultimately there can be nothing that can divert us from our path to establish ourselves as true sons and daughters of God. Amen. Nothing can divert us from our path to establish our family as a true family, and to share God’s love with everyone so that they feel they also must become a true family.

Therefore, we have to relate with these kinds of tragedies with a providential mind. If you relate with them in any lesser mentality, you will be hindered on your path, not strengthened. So when I think of Martin and Isabel Byrne – Isabel was our main ACLC representative in Seattle. She did so much for the clergy there, and continues to do so. I spent a good bit of time recently talking with them on the phone and each time I came away with incredible hope and energy. I could see they had absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. That’s what’s so beautiful.

We never know what might come upon us in our lives, and we certainly don’t know when we’re going to make the transition to the next world. We’re all going there, and very seldom is it a transition we’re comfortable with or think the time was right. It’s usually quick and usually quite a shock. But we’re all going there.

In that moment of trial the crucial element is our attitude of faith in that moment. I think about True Mother and True Father. Have they not walked this path directly before? How many of you were there at Belvedere when Heung Jin Nim made his transition? Some of you did the 24-hour prayer there. And how many of you were there when Father embraced Mother as they brought Heung Jim Nim in? Yet what we always see in True Parents is love. Love is the answer to all questions. Love is our power, love for humanity that is so great that we sacrifice ourselves. Gratefully we walk the path and sacrifice our own families, to sacrifice everything that we have, that we might be able to give life to this nation of America.

Who are those we remember from history? Are they not the ones who walk the path of sacrifice? Is our relationship with Jesus not based upon the sacrifice he made as he hung upon the cross? It’s not the miracles, or the Sermon on the Mount. What really touches the deep inner sanctum of your heart is when there is a sacrifice that takes us beyond logic into the realm of faith and true love. Jesus sacrificed himself willingly, and even when he was being treated so because of faithlessness, he turned to God and said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

I was reminded of Mother’s course, as Mother has now completed her tour of Japan and is about to come to America. Think of the time we’re in. Because of the "Clouds of Witnesses" revelation, there is quite a storm on the land. Even many close friends who love Father and Mother are struggling deeply inside. A question has been put on the floor – are you the one who is to come, or shall we look for another?

My title is, "Who Am I?" Who are we? I want to encourage you to understand that what I am seeing in NY, and working with clergy throughout America, one by one, they are answering that question – yes, Lord, you are the one who is to come and we shall not look for another. Each one of the clergy who I see affirm that Jesus chose Father Moon to fulfill the Second Coming, there is not one of them that easily does it. In your own conversion experience, did you easily leave your life to become a religious person?

Dr. Pak’s testimony is profound, with a life and death trial during the Korean War where he offered a prayer that he would give his life to God if he were spared. It’s when you face death that a prayer can go right through to the heart of God. God answered his prayer and he was called to God’s kingdom. So none of these ministers are having an easy time stepping over this line. That’s why we have to remind ourselves of what True Mother and True Father have gone through.

I want to read about the first seven years after True Parents’ blessing. "The first seven years after 1960 were the period when Mother had to be raised up with heavenly education. During this period Father continually prayed for this, day and night. Even Mother didn’t know all the significance behind this period, but Father substantially restored the heavenly daughter, heavenly spouse, and the standard of True Parents, all of which were lost by the fall. This is the way for every fallen descendant to traverse.

"During the first three years Father sent Mother to another person’s home and let her suffer there. Father even ignored her as a wife for the first three years, externally, and due to this harsh treatment all the women in the Unification Church who were jealous of Mother at the time changed and became sympathetic with her. They all came to Mother’s side eventually, and then Mother could return to her original position."

Mother had to go through a seven-year intense indemnity course with a strong and bold heart. One great point of Mother is that she tried to trust Father more than anything else. Mother trusted Father 100 percent.

So as Mother is about to tour America, when we think about who are we, Mother knows who Father is and who she is. She knows clearly what her role is in history. What does it mean to proclaim you’re the True Parents of all humanity? Don’t you think that when you stand up and proclaim something then all of the world has a shot at trying to prove you wrong? Is God going to prevent anybody from challenging that proclamation that True Parents are anointed to fulfill what Jesus left unfulfilled? Every kind of trial and tribulation comes upon that family and their children.

You know what you’ve been through. It’s life and death to hold onto your faith. How much more have you proclaimed that you are the one chosen by Jesus? Therefore, the proclamation of the Clouds is most important in dispensational history. But we have to be wise and loving. The spirit world is a place without a time frame. They know what’s true and you should just believe it. Burt we find sometimes we’re not able to have that kind of absolute, instantaneous faith. We need education.

Some of the ministers got together with some of our scholars from UTS and they developed an introductory paper to be a foundation of education. Father gave us direction that to help tem understand the "Clouds of Witnesses" the ministers have to be educated first. We proclaimed it in all the newspapers. Now the discussion is on the table – are you the one who is to come or shall we look for another? That’s the discussion going on in the highest places, believe me. But I’m encouraged because I know who we are and you know who you are. Are you sure about it?

Jesus is sure. Jesus wants to proclaim and tell all the Christian family to come together. Jesus is choosing to work this way now. The internal trials and tribulations going on with ministers are heavy because the enemy is on the land. What’s happening is the enemy is taking the "Clouds of Witnesses" without any education and working through the congregations of the best pastors.

One key minister in Philadelphia had two families come up to him at two different times with the Clouds of Witnesses. One family said, do you believe this? He said, I’m praying about it. They said, thank you very much. Our family is leaving your church. Then a week later another family came up to him with the newspaper article and demanded to know what his belief was. Jesse said, I’m praying on it. They said, we can’t stand with you any more. Many families left. The same is happening in churches across our nation. That’s why one family-one church is crucial for the development of God’s dispensation.

In May 2000 at Belvedere Father announced that every blessed central family should have one Christian church. The Japanese missionaries have been asked to move their families to America. Each of them must have a Christian church. Christianity is prepared as the second Israel, and as the second Israel goes, so goes America. America’s resurrection has to come through the central religion chosen by God. If God has to abandon the central religion, what will happen to the nation?

The vortex of the most incredible battle was here in Washington, D.C.. On April 27th 144,000 clergy, foretold in Revelation 7, were sealed by the living God. On March 1st, in Hawaii Father could not sleep all night. He knew that if the 144,000 was not fulfilled, America and Christianity would go through a dark night out of which they might not emerge. We cannot play with God. Israel believed that it had the 10 Commandments and synagogues and the presence of God with them, but when the appointed hour came, they didn’t receive the one who God prepared them to receive and they lost their place in history. They were scattered to wander throughout the world.

God had to create a new Israel. That’s why we have to understand that this time is so precious. After World War II the second Israel failed in is responsibility. Another vortex in history. That second Israel did not receive Father, so he had to create a third Israel. To restore the failure of Christianity Father walked an indemnity course of 40 years, 1945-1985.

Father revealed at the 20th anniversary of the Washington Times that if the thief on the right had not affirmed Jesus as lord then Jesus would not have been able to resurrect and there would be no gateway for Jesus to work upon the earth. Without the foundation of substance there is no foundation for the messiah. We know not the tribulations and trials of the 36 blessed couples, just as the world doesn’t know the trials of the blessed central families. Even more so we don’t know True Parents’ unspeakable course.

I traveled with True Parents to 50 states, and with Mother on several tours and I saw so many problems, so many breakdowns, so many life or death situations, seung hwas of people we did not want to see make that transition, economic crises, and yet I never saw Father or Mother let themselves be disturbed or swayed from the providence of God. Many of us have determined to go the course, but we don’t have the love to go the course while smiling about it.

Many members don’t know True Parents so well. They would want to talk with True Parents about their personal situation. True Parents are so loving and never rejected anyone. They have not only faith to go the course but love. That precious love.

I went through 102 cities with Mother and never saw her get upset externally. Internally I know she went through many unspeakable trials. Who would she talk to about them? I remember some years ago when we young leaders were all excited to be upstairs with Father. He spoke to us until 2 a.m. and we were falling asleep. There was no one left to talk to so he sent us to bed.

Rev. Won Pil Kim gathered us together the next morning and told us, you don’t know what went on behind the scenes. Mother had promised the True Children that they would be home early that night and they were going to leave early for a trip. But because all of you came, Father focused on you because he will never take care of his own family first. And think about what Mother had to give up. She had her schedule, her promise to her children, and yet if she was disturbed even a little, that could influence Father to slow down and that could cause a gap in the dispensation.

I have to testify to both Father and Mother. I’ve not seen that gap in the slightest. That doesn’t mean that inside there is not a lot of weeping. We can model ourselves after that and have confidence that we blessed central families have the authority and power to heal this world.

The way to resolve the situation from North Carolina is to resolve that there is no other but us to really bring about the Kingdom of God on earth. There is no other movement that is trying to heal the divisions between religions. It is very tense in New York City now because September 11th is coming. There are more police at the tunnels. A back-up in traffic causes tension because they know we are not at peace. Who is creating a bridge now?

Yesterday I was on Pakistani TV with Rev. C. Phillip Johnson from Washington, inviting Muslim families to come together. One Muslim leader was so touched by the love he experienced. He realized that when Christian love is sincerely manifested, it really can end the war.

I sat with an imam from Syria. He is deeply struggling because the Muslim community in America is under assault right now. He said it’s worse now than right after Sept. 11, when there was an outpouring of love. He explained that after so many months of severe restrictions on immigration and travel that their families are being kept separated. Their businesses depend upon the families coming over, so now Muslim businesses are suffering.

Then when Father Moon comes to have Christians and Muslims embrace, Imam Qurani is deeply moved. Who else is proclaiming we should lift all our families to God on Sept. 14 in such a way that there is no wall between Christianity and Islam? Father is going marry Christians and a Muslims together on September 14th. We have the love which believes there is no Greek, no Jew, no gentile. Isn’t that what Jesus taught us?

One Muslim-Christian couple from Detroit is so overwhelmed because they can never go to any ceremony -- not the mosque or the church – because the wife is Christian and the husband is Muslim, but they can go to the blessing where they will have ministers and imams both pray for them. We are all sons of Abraham.

Do you really know who you are, blessed central families? I ask for each district to have a family meeting once a month in different homes. When we pray together and read Father’s word, read the Scriptures, love starts to flow and we can hear about and solve each other’s situations and problems. Sunday service is to hear God’s word and worship God and be cleansed, but Sunday service alone cannot heal the day-to-day problems in your lives and communities. Will you do that in your communities?

After one year of doing that the power begins to be transferred into our homes, talking about our faith, our commonness as brothers and sisters. I’m so happy to go home to my house in Maryland now, instead of having to fly to Chicago. How wonderful it is. Why do I go there? For some issue, some meeting? Because it’s my family. That’s where true love is. That’s where I experience True Parents the most.

We need to go to each other’s families. If we don’t relate in a family setting, we can’t be family. Here in church we receive something from God and offer something to God.

I want you to pray for Archbishop Stallings. It is amazing what is going on with this man. I believe that he really is another St. Paul because I see him changing ministers one by one by one. Dr. E.V. Hill in Los Angeles said, don’t worry. People who are complaining about all this are only worried about mens’ righteousness, not God’s righteousness. We don’t know what God is doing through Rev. Moon. We should not be hesitant to check it out. Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker also stood up because they all know this thing is real.

Nobody says they’re going to bring Muslims and Christians together to be married in front of the world as a Sept. 11th memorial. Everyone else says, we can pray together, but marry them? That’s why ministers are overcoming. If you could have seen Bishop Stallings – he is answering the question "Who Am I?" for the Christian ministers. He’s teaching clearly what he discovered in Father’s revelation on the Divine Principle.

How did John the Baptist respond when Jesus said John was Elijah? He said, I’m not Elijah. Bishop Stallings understood that’s why John failed. John didn’t understand who he was. Last night Bishop Stallings proclaimed clearly at a banquet in front of 400 ministers, some old friends, some new friends, "I am John the Baptist and I am not going to fail my role. I know who Rev. Moon is. Jesus has anointed him to fulfill the Second Advent."

And the key minister, who was losing members, suddenly transformed two weeks ago. He came in and said, I’m tired of this. I’m going to stand for what I know is right. He got up and said, the problem is not with the "Clouds of Witnesses." The problem isn’t with Rev. Moon. The problem is with me – I don’t know who I am. I still think I’m just a Christian preacher trying to get enough offerings together to keep the church growing. I didn’t know I was a prophet of America, of the new Israel. Bt now I know. I’m not going to fall down on my path. I know I must have no fear because the deeper I go into the teaching of Father Moon, the more I know it’s really what Jesus prophesied would happen. It is the Second Coming.

The key minister proclaimed that two weeks ago. The next day he got so excited and jumped up with a testimony. He said, two weeks ago I lost two families, but the morning after I testified about knowing how Jesus is working through Rev. Moon, two of my families called up and they are organizing to come to the Sept. 14th blessing. They want Rev. Moon’s blessing.

In John 6:56, the disciples were confused. Jesus said, "You who eat my flesh and drink my blood are in me and I am in him." Then the disciples said. "This is a hard saying. Who can hear this? We’re supposed to drink his blood and eat his flesh? From that time many of his disciples went back and walked no more with him." Jesus gave a revelation from heaven of what the course would be, but many times we have to go deeper in prayer to understand our dispensational course. The disciples didn’t realize that eating his flesh and drinking his blood had symbolic meaning.

Therefore, now that the ministers are understanding more deeply what the "Clouds of Witnesses" mean, they are walking toward True Parents. Rev. C. Phillip Johnson said, this is the only game going. He said, there is only one train that goes on to destiny. His revelation is that the ACLC train to glory is going right now. When the door opens for you, you’ve got to get on board even though you don’t have all the answers. We’re excited because even some of our closest friends who were shocked by the "Clouds of Witnesses" and decided they couldn’t stand with us are now coming back, one by one.

I was so encouraged when Minister Farrakhan called me two days ago. He said, I know Father Moon believes this "Clouds of Witnesses," and there is no way he will ever change. He told me a story about Muhammad, that this kind of trial gives us a chance to prove what kind of faith we really have. Once Muhammad started teaching that he was the central messenger from God, many people started fighting him. One man from Mecca came to kill him, but when he saw that Muhammad was unwavering, even if he had to die, this man was convinced by this absolute faith and became Muhammad’s number one disciple.

Minister Farrakhan said to me, there is nothing that will separate me in my love for Father and Mother Moon. God is using them to build the Kingdom of God. I may not agree with everything, but my disciples don’t agree with me in everything either. I had a spiritual experience of being taken to a wheel in the spirit world where I met Elijah Muhammad. God told me to proclaim that I met Elijah Muhammad in the spirit, and when I did so a number of my disciples left. To this day many don’t really believe what I’m proclaiming, but I can’t deny it. I don’t know who Father Moon is talking to, but I know he is God’s man. Convey our love to Father and Mother Moon.

We have been proclaiming Father’s position to the second Israel for many years. Who must proclaim it now? John the Baptist. And there are John the Baptists rising all over.

This is the greatest time. We’re so honored to have Dr. Bo Hi Pak with us right now. I’d like to stop here and welcome my teacher and leader, and one who raised many American brothers and sisters. 

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