The Words of the Jenkins Family

Mother's Tour

Michael Jenkins
September 26, 2002

Dear Families and Brothers and Sisters,

This tour is of profound significance. If you think about what it was like 2000 years ago when the time came for Jesus to reveal who he was. The foundation didn't support it and he went to the cross.

This time, True Mother courageously stands before the prepared Second Israel of Christianity and America and proclaims that she is the True Mother of Humanity and together with Father they are the True Parents and The Messiah.

In each an every city there is profound impact. Then testimonies are read from the spirit world. It is amazing. Enormous storms erupt and then turn into sunshine.

Please be faithful. Father is absolute that the Clouds are true. The key question for all of us is, do you believe in him with absolute faith, love and obedience.

Reports on each city are forthcoming. Working with the tour ministers day and night has limited my ability to report.

The Blessed Central Families should be commended in the cities that have completed the tour. There is so much heart and concern to support True Mother.



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