The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Mother's Tour Comes To A Grand and Victorious Conclusion

Michael Jenkins
October 2, 2002

Dear Leaders, Families and brothers and sisters,

Thank you for the efforts made to bring success during Mother's 12 city speaking tour.

The response in both New Jersey and New York were hard to describe in words. The John the Baptist clergy, Rev. Jesse Edwards and Bishop G. Augustus Stallings did an unbelievable job at bringing the message of the anointing of Father and Mother.

Another most striking thing about both events was that the Moslem participation from the Arab and other parts of the Moslem world were very pronounced. I can't believe my eyes. Father said we would reconcile Christians and Moslems on September 14 th and the spirit of the blessing in that regard gave everybody a real solid feeling of the coming Kingdom of God. But now, having been on many tours, there was a strong and genuine numerical and heartfelt presence of the Moslem people. Usually we would see the fine and loving support from the Nation of Islam and Muslim American Society but this is a huge difference.

There was an explosion of support for Mother when she said "My husband, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and I are standing as True Parents!" New York members will clearly testify that it was as if the Pentecost had broken out.

The ministers stood up in applause.

If you really can imagine what it took for this day to occur. Whenever God's anointed messenger stood up and proclaimed their holy and divine mission before the people they were taken to the cross.

One minister said, "She is the True Mother of all of us."

Dr. C. Phillip Johnson, our Washington, D.C. chairman, walked onto the floor area beneath the stage in the 7th Floor Grand Ballroom of the Manhattan Center and held up his hand in praise. He has discovered that the Clouds of Witnesses are a true testimony from heaven. He has confirmed it in his spirit and knows that its true. He can hardly contain himself. He sincerely asked to join Mother on any city, so he flew to Chicago, SF, LA and Newark and NY. It was unbelievable. He walked out onto the floor last night and said, "that's right, tell it True Mother. You are our True Mother. Tell the story of the coming of the Lord."

True Mother looked at him and responded in her beautiful voice with the smile the melts all with warmth and love said, " Alleluia."

Thank you sincerely our beloved American Movement.

Father and Mother are deeply inspired. Rev. Johnson said the clergy that know this truth must stand on each side of Father and Mother as the Armor Bearers for this providence.

Now it's on to the December 7th Blessing in Washington, D.C.

Also, we must now make a movement to affirm the proclamation of the religious leaders in the spirit world.



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