The Words of the Jenkins Family

FFWPU Workshop For ACLC Ministers, Blessing December 7, VRD Notes

Michael Jenkins
October 3, 2002

Dear Leaders,

Divine Principle Seminar For Top ACLC Clergy

The Divine Principle workshop for the very best ACLC clergy will be held in the Washington D.C. area (WV or Ocean City MD or a resort) on Monday, October 21 through Saturday, October 26. Ministers should arrive on Sunday, October 20 if at all possible or no latter than 10 am on Monday morning. The program will start with a luncheon and tour of the UFC building. Then we will go to the resort area.

The regions and/or the clergy must cover: All transportation and cost to and from all airports. Also, each minister must bring a color coded DP book as well as his own Bible. (KJV or RSV). This workshop is covened by the FFWPU (not the ACLC), but it is ONLY for the state ACLC executive committee members. The National Executive Committee will have final approval over who will be invited to come. This is not a session to give people a chance to hear the principle, this is a session for those clergy who have proven their commitment to ACLC through maintaining their commitment through intense persecution. This is not for the faint at heart. This workshop will also deal with the proclamations offered by the key clergy that the clouds of witnesses is valid and true. Please be extremely serious about who is coming. They will determine how your state chapter will grow from this time.

Blessing December 7th

Father has approved that the next Interreligious and International Blessing will be held on Saturday, December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day). The theme will be "All enemies will come and reconcile on that day." Unofficially the theme is " Don't bring your friend, bring your enemy and heal the pain and strife of history."

It will be held from 12:30 to 3:30 (doors open at 11 am) at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel. (703 920-3230.) 1700 Jefferson Davis Hwy. (Entrance on 15th and Eads) Arlington, Va 22202. This will be a world blessing. The capacity of the hotel may hold up to 2000 couples. Japan and Korea and many nations of the world will participate. Please consider now how you will bring at least one KEY ACLC couple from each and every state in your region. (I really thank Rev. Michael Yakawich for taking this seriously. He sent his Bishop McClendon and his wife and they made a huge jump in their understanding both of the blessing and the ACLC.)  

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