The Words of the Jenkins Family

Time for Prayer and Rededication

Michael Jenkins
October 15, 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Another sniper has taken a precious life tonight in Falls Church, Virginia. We must sincerely and deeply turn to God in prayer and do all that we can to unite together as one family of faith.

This tragic chain of events is creating a 9/11 feeling around our Nation's Capitol.

Many blessed families have been in or around the area of attacks. The Self, Herstein, and the Holden families have children that attend Benjamin Tasker Middle School in Bowie, Maryland where an innocent 13 year old boy was gunned down.

Let us come together as we did during 9/11 and seek out God's guidance for America and how we as Blessed Central Families might help to end this violent evil. Let us truly turn to God in this hour and cry out for America and the World to respond to God's call.

From a providential viewpoint we know that we are truly in the last days. The Proclamation of the Messiah is expanding rapidly as both Ambassadors For Peace and Clergy alike are affirming the calling of our True Parents. Certainly as goodness is rising, evil is making its final effort to discourage us from being confident in our power over evil. Let us not be discouraged. God's side is gaining ground now that will never be lost.

In Seattle Mother embraced the Byrne family and encouraged them as they remain ever faithful. Mother shared with us in Seattle that Jin Joo should not have died. If we had really fulfilled the responsibility that God has given us to clean up America this would not have happened. With kindness and love she urged us to have a heart like God's heart and to feel like True Parents feel. Mother conveyed the heart that Father and Mother "feel" responsible for the evil in the world and "personally" commit themselves to God pledging that they will be responsible to clean up this evil world.

She said that we, as Blessed Central Families, must have that kind of heart. That in the face of evil, we will feel "personally" responsible that on behalf of Heavenly Father we will confront and overcome evil on every level.

Let us come together with a fervent pledge before heaven and earth that we will not allow these victims to have died in vain. We pray that somehow, their blood and tragic end will cause an explosion of goodness in the hearts of the righteous and that the darkness will be rolled away as Millions of True Parent couples and families rise from the ashes of this sad and evil fallen history to build a new world in which only goodness and happiness will rein.

Rise up American Blessed Central Families. The destiny of this nation is in our hands.

Let us pray, let us unite with Father's urgent call for the 5 am time of reading God's word with the heart that we will create a soul force world wide that will uproot the dark forces around the world and will pull down the evil of society and replace it with God's goodness. In this time of tribulation, let us remember all those innocent people who are being killed by those who would seek to bring terror to the righteous and the just.

Let us be encouraged in this hour of trial, that we serve a magnificent and powerful God who, when the right conditions are set by his children, will exercise his maximum power to establish the dominion of goodness over evil. Let us pray that a resurrected America will spring forth from this moment as the great tribulation that was prophesied unfolds.

Please, my brothers and sisters, let us understand our identity before heaven. Mother encouraged us on her recent tour by testifying that True Father had to face every possible form of unspeakable darkness and trial and that through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience he overcame every circumstance to create the foundation upon which God could be coronated.

Do not be shaken by these events which seem to be unstoppable. Goodness will prevail over evil and love over hate. Mother shared with us how important it is to realize the only true solution to the problem of evil is the Blessing upon the foundation of the change of Blood lineage. Only the Blessed Central Families have the understanding of heaven and earth that will allow the ancestors who died for this country to come back and protect her once again.

Let us sincerely pray for the end of the violence.

Let us save this nation so that it might truly fulfill its God given role to save this world.

Thank you Blessed Central Families. Let the prayer candles on your altars burn so brightly that those that hide in the dark will be exposed by the light which is sustained by your sacrifice and love.

Yours in faith,


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