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New York Ambassadors For Peace and Rally to affirm Resolution form Jesus and the Saints

Michael Jenkins
October 15, 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In many ways there are challenges that we are facing due to the time of the dispensation that we are standing in. However, this is the time of the Cheon Il Guk and the more we are confident and step forward on faith the more our ministers and allies will turn and follow.

Last Saturday, October 12 at the Tarrytown Hilton in New York a follow up educational meeting for the Ambassadors for Peace conducted.

60 leaders from religious, political, academic and many other fields came to receive the advanced education for the Ambassadors for Peace. Rev. Andy Compton opened with an excellent presentation of the meaning of the Ambassadors for Peace and how important their roles were going to be to bring peace at this time.

Mr. Antonio Betancourt the Secretary General of IIFWP of North America conducted the seminar using the powerpoint from the International Leadership Conference which covers the basic concept of the IIFWP and the world projects of our True Parents. It also highlights the three principles of building a True Family, Living for the Sake of Others and the proper use of our resources - both economic and environmental.

He also presented the essence and the importance of the blessing and interestingly most of the participants had attended the September 14th Blessing in NY. Therefore Mr. Betancourt said you are not only appointed but you are "anointed". His presentation of the four great realms of heart and how these realms of love can only be learned only in the family completely won the hearts of all the participants. He also presented Father's teaching on True Love especially as it relates to the purity and sanctity of sexual love between husband and wife had many of the Women Ambassadors smiling and nodding in full agreement. At the end of his presentation I could see how deeply inspired the Ambassadors were. Councilwoman Brown of New Rochelle, NY said, "I've received many awards and certificates, but this is the most important appointment, I've received in my life. I'm overwhelmed because I know that this is really what the Lord wants to change this world."

At the Luncheon many Ambassadors for Peace that were not appointed on September 30th at True Mother's speech in NY (150 received their certificates there) received their appointments. Mr. Betancourt and I gave the certificates of appointment.

Service for Peace was presented by Mrs. Robin Baum who gave a beautiful testimony of how Mr. Hyun Jin Nim Moon called for those in the business community to go out and serve somebody. She responded to the call and has seen a tremendous transformation in many of the youth and the adults that have gotten involved. They first began to clean up the street and many of the young people were afraid due to gangs and other dangers. However, as they cleaned the atmosphere changed and they felt the power that they have to create change in people's hearts.

Robin is also working with a Presbyterian minister that feels inspired to rebuild a Mosque that was bombed in Afghanistan. They are making plans to serve a Mosque in NY as an act of love and respect. Then Mr. Taj Hamad gave an introduction to Wango and the work to bring the Non Governmental organizations into unity to assist the UN in solving the problems of peace and other social challenges. The audience could feel their "Ambassadorships" taking on more and more meaning as the relevance of Father's foundation began to unfold through Taj's real and clear descriptive work with President Wahid of Indonesia. He also explained the enormous world impact that Father's work is having to release tensions by letting the divergent streams of religious leaders have opportunities to dialog in a most honest and yet "safe" environment. Wango and IIFWP provide the kind of mutual respect for all religions because Father's insight from God is that God created these religions and therefore they are holy and must be respected.

The next part of the Program was in response to Father's direction that we hold rallies to affirm the revelations that have come from Jesus and other saints. Rev. Berol Greene began by reading Father's words and then Rev. Tom Corley our Pastor of the Long Island FFWPU and Family Church did a reading of the revelations.

Then I was asked to speak and the audience was very very receptive. Because of the work we have been doing with Bishop Stallings, Rev. Edwards, Rev. C. Phillip Johnson and Bishop J. and particularly the John The Baptists that stood firmly by True Mother's side as we traveled America proclaiming the Messiah. God has helped us to develop a Biblical presentation that building an unshakable bridge between their current religious position and the completed testament affirmation of the Second Advent. It also embraces in such a way that the Moslem Imams also feel embraced.

I started with the verse in which Jesus says I am the Way the Truth and the Life, No one comes to the Father but by Me !! Then I gave the testimony of how Jesus called Father on Easter Sunday in 1936 and he responded to the call. Then thru the Bible we walked together through the way that Jesus was treated in the Bible. The revelations are from Jesus and that is the basis of the testimony. Dr. Andy Wilson commented on how well the audience received the message and are ready they were ready to affirm the testimonies. This is in great part due to Rev. Dong Woo Kim and the New York leaders led by Rev. Andy Compton and Rev. Esteban Galvan.

Then Bishop Stallings brought everyone to such a profound and deep level in understanding that we are all being returned to our original position as sons and daughters of God. He then said we must understand who we are, why we are here and where we are going. The question is not who is Rev. Moon. If you know your position before God then the answer concerning Rev. Moon comes naturally. We must know that we are divine beings created by God and now at the Second Coming we are coming to be fully restored to our original state. How? By getting rid of the "bad blood". We have bad blood which is tainted and cursed due to the fall. Jesus washied us in his blood and gave us forgiveness of sin but we still pass on this bad blood which allows evil to still manifest through us. We must get a spiritual blood transfusion through the Holy Wine! We have to change our blood lineage then we can be free to become little gods before the big G !!! In Psalms 82:6 the Lord says we are little gods. Jesus affirmed it in the in John 10:34 - 35. We are gods. We are God's temple. That was the key problem with John the Baptist, he didn't know who he was. When Jesus said he was Elijah, he said he was not !! This caused confusion among those that were seeking to confirm Jesus' role by understanding where was Elijah who was prophesied to appear before the Lord. John's denial meant he didn't know who he was. Do you know who you are , Bishop Stallings asked. Could it be that you were chosen as Ambassadors for Peace to bring about the Kingdom of God. Who are you. You are the ones chosen to receive the Messiah, why are you here ? To build the Kingdom of God by breaking down all racial, denominational and religious barriers so that we might realize God's dream for all of his children. Where are you going? You are going to build your ministry, expand your work for God has given you the work that you are in so that you might play out your role to Strenthen The Family. You are the Ones and Father and Mother Moon are worthy of the title of Messiah , the "anointed one" of the Completed Testament age.

With the atmosphere rich with love and inspiration, Rev. Galvan led us to that altar of faith. He called upon a Moslem Imam, Imam Kanate, a Christian, Dr. Michelle Berry, a Buddist Venerable Monk Bang, a man of Jewish heritage - Dr. Andy Wilson. In a profound correlation to the testimonies of the saints in heaven these leaders came forward representing their ancestries and religious traditions and in their own ways affirmed before heaven and earth the testimony of the religious leaders led by Jesus.

Then, led by Bishop Stallings these four leaders signed the resolution from heaven. Father said that as we do this the power and spirit of the religious leaders and their disciples are released upon the earth to expand and gather the faithful from their followers on earth.

This is the time of a new Pentecost.

Special thanks to New York and Mr. Antonio Betancourt for an excellent program. .

Thank you.


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