The Words of the Jenkins Family

On the Third Anniversary of Young Jin Nim Moon's Transition

Michael Jenkins
October 27, 2002

Dear Family,

We write to express our sincere gratitude to our True Parents and heartfelt prayer on behalf of all of America on this, the third anniversary of Young Jin Nim Moon's passing into the spiritual realm.

We know that the dispensational course of True Parents and True Family always has profound meaning in relation to the history of restoration through indemnity. We want to commemorate this day in such a way as to comfort God and True Parent's grieving heart.

Through the 6000 year course of restoration God has always placed those he loves the most on the altar of history as a condition of sacrifice. Because of this, all the resentments and pain of human history have been liberated. Through this unspeakable course of tears and suffering, our True Parent have untangled all the barriers and complicated obstacles to God's path and have opened up a way for all of humanity to become Blessed Families, free to return to our Original True Parent.

With a tearful heart we, the American Blessed Central Families of the Family Federation For World Peace and Unification, express our sincere mind, heart and love for our True Parents and Heavenly Father for bearing this cross on our behalf. We realize that it is due to such an historic heart of restoration, that our True Parent's were able to offer the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship and also open the door for the establishment of the Cheon Il Guk.

Now all humanity stands on the threshold of total unity of heaven and earth and the realm of the spirit world and earthly world are now unified with no barriers. We are grateful to you, Young Jin Nim, on this day and pray that your happiness and joy will multiply as you continuously receive the confirmation that your sacrifice was a great historic condition that allowed our True Parents to speed the providence of God to the glorious, victorious conclusion of the Kingdom of God in Heaven and On Earth.

Sincerely in the Love of Our True Parents,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, U.S.A. 

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