The Words of the Jenkins Family

Ambassadors for Peace in Los Angeles

Michael Jenkins
November 4, 2002

Dear Leaders and Blessed Central Families,

Another advanced education for the Ambassadors for Peace was convened today in Los Angeles. Led by Rev. Ku, Billie Ann, Rev. Tim Henning and Ms. Sheri Reuter and incredible cross section of the high level leaders from a broad array of professions assembled to further their understanding of their appointment as Ambassadors for Peace.

Over 120 Ambassadors for Peace assembled at the Sheraton Gateway Airport Hotel. The Ambassadors were appointed by True Parents through True Mother's 2001 tour, the International Leadership Seminar of December 2001 or the recent tour of True Mother in September. They are composed of elected officials, professors, clergy, business leaders and social and community leaders.

Truly an international gathering the program began with Mr. Keith McCarthy former Mayor of Downey, Ca and current City Council member. Keith highlighted the them of Ambassadors for Peace being a cooperative between all people of conscience. Rev. Tim Henning opened with a review of the United Nations and the quotation from the Bible outside of the UN "Let us beat our swords into ploughshares, and spears into pruning hooks." How will we bring peace? Through the Ambassadors for Peace. The International choir of Japanese Missionaries gave a beautiful presentation of song that touched everyone.

The Ambassadors for Peace is a mission has enormous importance due to the fact that the whole world is on the brink of war due to the terrorism threat. These Ambassadors represent heaven and many have felt upon their appointment that their "calling" is even greater than that of Ambassadors of a nation.

Mr. Antonio Betancourt, Secretary General of the IIFWP for North America, opened with a PowerPoint presentation on the fundamentals of the IIFWP and the Ambassador for Peace appointment. He highlighted the theme that the there are many cultural spheres throughout the world and now the Culture of peace is emerging that is calling all of them to become one. It is based on the values of faith and family. Just as with the New York conference recently, something very powerful is going on when these seminars are held.

Deep within the hearts of the leaders assembled is an incredible yearning to end the culture of war and realize the culture of peace. Antonio had an amazing spirit as he called upon them to stand courageously for the values of faith and love for all religions and belief in the sacred nature of the family. The Ambassadors gave a standing ovation. Then Rev. Jenkins and Mr. Betancourt, along with Bishop G. Augustus Stallings gave the certificates to 12 new appointees to the Ambassador for Peace honor. A Jewish leader, Christian, Muslim Imam, Chinese gentleman, Korean, Buddhist all came forward for the appointment. Everyone could feel that something was going on that was substantive and hopeful. The walls are coming down.

Then we began the next phase of the program with the Dawning of the Culture of Peace - Testimonies from Jesus and the saints.

Rev. Jenkins introduced WFWP national Vice President Mrs. Sheri Reuter to read the Clouds of Witnesses. The Japanese choir sang in the background as she read the testimonies from the spirit world. I have to admit, that when this portion of the program is held, it is not easy. There is a bit of apprehension as the reading begins because it is so unusual and unique. Yet with each reading, as I witnessed in 12 cities on Mother's tour. The Ocean City workshop for Clergy, the Ambassadors For Peace Seminars. Just as Father said, when the testimonies from heaven are confirmed by their counterparts on earth there is an outpouring of spirit that cannot be described in words. That's why it says in the book of Acts, "In the Last Days I will pour out my spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy." It really is a pouring out of the holy spirit. In these readings I've seen people completely reject the proclamation, only to have a 180 degree turn around just a short time after.

Rev. Jenkins gave the fundamentals concerning Father's direction that peace cannot come unless we know the reality of the Spirit World. Whey can't there be peace between the races? The reality is that if we don't untangle the pain and frustration found in the spirit world we will not be able to bring harmony among peoples. That's why Hebrews 39:11 indicates that those saints int he spirit world who were promised perfection by God cannot achieve it without us. Therefore Ambassadors for Peace must realize that we are not just dealing with enmity or conflict only between contemporaries but we represent history and must realize that the conflicts we see now are rooted in our ancestors. Therefore we must reconcile by loving all races and religions and sacrificing for our enemies. He then called upon a Christian leader, a Buddhist, an American Indian, a Jewish leader, a Chinese leader and Imam, and finally a representative of a Communist country to come forward. They all embraced and pledged that they will love all races and peoples.

Jesus love is so great that it knows no boundaries therefore America as the second Israel should take the lead in loving all religions and races. America was founded with this spirit and planted within this soil is the maxim, "We hold these truths to be self evident that All men are created equal." Because of that Christian spirit America could become the foundation for the Kingdom of God. Rev. Jenkins also emphasized that the essence of peace must be found in the family. That man and woman are meant to come together as the image of God. Therefore there can be no betrayal or adultery or the family is destroyed. Ambassadors for Peace must stand against adultery and must teach purity to the children. That is why Father Moon is anointing all religious leaders to bless their congregations and followers. The communion of Husband and Wife to drink of the same cup allows them to be grafted into God's blood lineage breaking the yoke or curse that occurred at the fall of man. He then called on all to find the spouse that God has prepared for them.

Then Bishop Stallings came forward to proclaim the Messiah. He took the Ambassadors on a careful journey through history. Calling upon them to realize that though many would say "preposterous" when they hear Jesus revealing that he chose Father Moon as the Messiah, we should proceed with prayer and patience. He reminded us of the time of Jesus. That virtually none of the religious leaders were open to the idea that he was the "Messiah". Why? Because they had very strong opinions about how the Messiah would come. They were wrong and they missed him. Bishop Stallings concluded," How about you. Are sure you know how Jesus will manifest the Second Coming?" The audience was truly stunned. The clergy were shouting and calling on the name of the Lord. The Chinese were clapping and smiling. The American Indians were shaking their heads in agreement.

Then Rev. Jenkins led a "Signing" of the Resolution from heaven. The Imam Budakji, the Christian pastor,( Rev. and Mrs. Waller), the American Indians (Guyokla and Rev. Alambra ), Judaism represented by Andy Weiss, Norma Foster represented the United Nations and many others came forward and signed the resolution confirming what had already been proclaimed in heaven.

Los Angeles was a total victory. One pastor said afterwards, "Now I understand, Father Moon was chosen, I can accept it now." Another woman Amb. For Peace came and said. For the first time I now feel ready to marry. I realize that it is the purpose of life. Another, a principal of a Los Angeles public school, said, "This was so exciting. I can feel that we are going to succeed. We will be Ambassadors for a new world."

Thank You Los Angeles Family.



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