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Letter From Korea

Michael Jenkins
November 9, 2002

Dear families, brothers and sisters,

Thank you so much for working so hard to achieve victory for the December 7th blessing and many other activities that you are connected with. The Resolution Rally for the Harmony and Unity of Heaven and Earth and the Holy Burning Ceremony is a providential landmark in which grace has now been extended to all blessed families, and any hindrances from the past can now be nullified. We can make a new beginning as we enter the Cheon Il Guk.

Dr. Yang, our continental director, is with True Father night and day receiving very deep and detailed directions for the providence of America. This weekend a historic meeting will occur with a very important providential organization -- the American Family Coalition. Please pray for the success of their deliberations with Dr. Yang, as they have such an important historic role to play for America and in relationship to the Family Federation.

This is a time for unity in which we all must become one. The Cheon Il Guk has been established and Father formed 50 trinities from the 50 Koreans, Japanese and Americans who came representing their nations. Dr. Yang and myself are included among those trinities, as well as 50 American brothers and two sisters. European brothers are here representing America, along with Rev. Daugherty and some brothers of Hispanic descent. Several second generation are standing strong representing America and we are proud: Hiro Hernandez, son of Mark Hernandez (Texas), Kee Sung Anderson, son of Keith Anderson (Minnesota), and Dan Perry, Peter Perry's son (Massachusetts). Rev. Kwak and Mr. Joo are also part of these 50 trinities to represent the formation of a new trinity system in the Cheon Il Guk.

The Japanese and American contingents are now traveling Korea. Father said we are not going for ourselves - we are going to connect with the ancestors of the Fatherland and the heart and the history of God's sacrifice and suffering here to make this land the central nation of Cheon Il Guk. We are going to the places where many martyrs were sacrificed to defend the Fatherland. Yesterday we visited Koje Island in the area where the famous General Lee won the historic battle against the invaders to protect the Fatherland. We also climbed Jiri Mountain, which was completely covered with snow. It's one of the areas known for prayer in Korea. We went to the Independence Hall, where we saw the historic records of the 1919 March 1st Independence Movement and the incredible spirit of sacrifice and martyrdom that was given to fulfill the immense and unchanging Korean spirit to remain a free and independent people.

One thing we can see here is how much suffering there was in Korea to preserve this Fatherland and to create a land which could give birth to the Lord of the Second Advent. Our efforts and our hearts should be truly focused on the unification of North and South Korea, which must be achieved during Father's lifetime. This is the final stage of liberation and America is directly responsible to assist this liberation of the North.

Father's way to overcome enemies is with sacrificial love, and therefore we must remember that Father risked his life, having overcome assassins' attempts to eliminate him, to journey to the North and embrace Kim Il-sung with true love. This love has opened the main gateway and has now become the bridge between the North and South. Because of that feeling of love toward the North, Father is trusted and deeply respected there.

Let us realize now that we as blessed central families must go forward now to reconcile all enemies, whether they be of race, religion, or nationality, or even within our tribe. We must reconcile at this time with sacrificial love. Therefore, Father has established the theme of the December 7th blessing as reconciliation of all nations, culture, peoples and races.

Father said that the condition for the reconciliation of all enemies will occur on December 7th. Therefore, no matter what mission or what area of America you live in, please consider working together to bring special representatives to this blessing from your state and from your area. Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang are asking for the highest level VIPs to come. High level invitations are underway now in America and Japan for the proper representation to come forward on behalf of Japan and America on Pearl Harbor Day. Your prayers and sacrifice at this time are deeply appreciated. We are grateful to our leader, Dr. Yang, for his insight and vision.

Central to this reconciliation are the Christian ministers. Father stated the other day that the recent 120 clergy workshop was not a simple workshop, but represented the correlation of what occurred in the spirit world centering on Jesus and the religious leaders in proclaiming Father as the Messiah, Savior, and King of Kings. The more we proclaim the Clouds of Witnesses, the more the Holy Spirit pours down. Through the clergy and through the Ambassadors for Peace movement, all religions are coming forward with people of high position to affirm Father's position. It is very important at this time that they correctly affirm Father's position in order for them to fulfill their responsibility before Heaven. Don't hesitate to witness to your family and to have the Resolution Rally for the Harmony and Unity of Heaven and Earth.

Recently our brother, Rev. Tom Corley, the leader in Long Island, NY, met the grandson of Rev. Underwood, who brought Christianity to Korea. Rev. Corley gave him his grandfather's message from the spirit world, along with the other messages, which when read by Rev. Underwood, was quite shocking. At first Rev. Underwood said, my ancestors never said that. Rev. Corley said, no, they didn't, not while they were on earth, but he said it in the spirit world after studying Divine Principle. Then Rev. Underwood became very peaceful and quiet, and his position completely changed.

One of the central points of Cheon Il Guk is that we must understand that heaven and earth are completely unified right now. There is no barrier, but we must stand with absolute faith and conviction that this support of the heavenly realm is all around us when we stand firm. Therefore, in this age the blessed central family has the inheritance of the power of our True Parents, and with this power coming down from heaven, as prophesied in the Bible, we have the power to change all injustices into a time of justice and peace.

This will not happen without your subjective and firm affirmation of your identity as a chosen blessed central family. Please be strong and of good courage. Gather the Christian leaders, gather the enemies, and let us reconcile the sad history of God and wipe every tear from every eye, ultimately bringing joy and happiness to our True Parents.

God bless you, America. Thank you to all of our leaders.

Rev. Michael Jenkins 

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