The Words of the Jenkins Family

Rev. Wrice's Seung Hwa

Michael Jenkins
November 9, 2002

Dear leaders and families,

As you may have already heard, our beloved brother Rev. Leonard Wrice has made the transition to the next world. Rev. Wrice and his wife Earlice have made enormous contributions to God? providence in the Missouri and Chicago areas.

Rev. and Mrs. Wrice joined our church many years ago from one of the major Christian churches in St. Louis. In this case it was very unusual that they were able to bring the minister and the church into fellowship with True Parents, which eventually led to the blessing of the minister and much of the congregation.

Rev. Wrice and Earlice were among the earliest couples to be blessed as a previously married couple. Over the last few years, Rev. Wrice took responsibility to be the state leader of Missouri. One of the great accomplishments he achieved with Rev. Swearson and the Missouri community was the tremendous welcome the St. Louis clergy gave to True Parents on the 50-state tour. The whole police department was mobilized to protect True Father because there was great persecution at that time. Due to Rev. Wrice? work and the work of Rev. Bradford, the chief of police, the city of St. Louis sent a helicopter and limo to escort True Parents. Father was so moved that he accepted their invitation to be a special guest at the St. Louis arch.

We are deeply grateful to Rev. Wrice and Earlice and their family. We pray that the glory of God will be expanded and multiplied as the example of the Wrice family? attitude of attendance of True Parents shines as a beacon of light for all blessed families to follow.

The seung hwa ceremony will be held on Sunday, Nov. 10. We suggest that donations would be more appropriate instead of flowers. Please send these to Mrs. Earlice Wrice.

Rev. Michael Jenkins 

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