The Words of the Jenkins Family

Report on the November 23rd Prayer Breakfast and the Spirit of the December 7th Blessing

Michael Jenkins
November 23, 2002

Dear Leaders and Brothers and Sisters,

The Blessing movement is now in full swing. Tremendous support is coming from Rev. Kwak and the Japanese Movement. Dr. Yang our continental leader has opened the door for this historic event by leading all of North America to join together to "Reconcile all peoples, and bring the Kingdom of God." Dr. Yang has initiated an unprecedented movement of cooperation for the Blessing on December 7th in Washington, D.C. A very broad and interesting expansion of the blessing is now occurring with Ambassadors, elected officials (Members of Congress) and world religious leaders.

12 Christian clergy have formed the core outreach team under the leadership of Archbishop Stallings and Bishop C. Phillip Johnson, with the support of Rev. Daugherty and myself. These clergy go 10 am to 10pm or even sometimes to midnight working with our Washington D.C. Community in outreach to Christian churches. Rev. Lee, Rev. Lykes and our D.C. community are doing a magnificent work to expand upon the July 3rd and April 27th Blessed Clergy from Washington. This movement is hitting a critical turning point in which the clergy are taking the lead in bringing pastors to the blessing. They are gaining more and more confidence that the anointing of Jesus is on Father and Mother Moon and that this is the fulfillment of the prophecy of the book of Revelation.

Most of the 12 working here are clergy that attended the Divine Principle workshop in Ocean City and fully affirm and understand the Clouds of Witnesses. Led by Archbishop Stallings and Bishop C. Phillip Johnson they are visiting an average of 50 churches per day.

This morning (Saturday, November 23rd) we had a great Prayer Breakfast for the Blessing. Around 120 came including our members. Many key Washington clergy attended, including Rev. Tom L. who welcomed President George W. Bush to his church last year and has been a special White House guest numerous times. All of the 12 ministers shared their testimony. Bishop C. Phillip Johnson as chairman of the Washington Region ACLC welcomed everyone and encouraged them that the promise of the Scripture is now being fulfilled. Don't be afraid. We can achieve the unity of the Christian family and save marriages. Be strong and of good courage.

Rev. H. G. McGhee (who boasts that he was the head of Saulsville before he beBishop J.stified at how much he stood against the movement. He was Saul and he wanted to destroy the movement. For 25 years he stood against Father Moon and didn't understand. But his friend Bishop C. Phillip Johnson never gave up. Though persecuted, stified at how much he stood against the movement. He was Saul and he wanted to destroy the movement. For 25 years he stood against Father Moon and didn't understand. But his friend Bishop C. Phillip Johnson never gave up. Though persecuted, Bishop J. continued to witness to him concerning the ACLC movement. Finally in Feb. Rev. McGhee’s father passed away. Shortly after that his father appeared to him in a dream and said, "Rev. Moon can help you." Rev. McGhee was angered by such a dream. Then his father also communicated to him that Jesus was gathering religious leaders in the spirit world and bringing them into one accord. When he came to our meeting in New York in preparation for the September 14 Blessing, Rev. McGhee was astonished when he heard the Clouds of Witnesses. He knew that this was what his father was talking about. On Nov. 23 he encouraged the pastors in attendance to look beyond what you have heard and join the "Kingdom" building movement. The time for denominations has come to an end.

Testimonies came from all the ACLC pastors who were from all over America. Rev. J. C. from Texas testified that when Rev. Kene Holliday came to his office with Rev. John Jackson he was very nervous. He told them, "I can't be in a cult. Jesus is my Lord." Then as they testified to him he felt Jesus’ presence and he felt all the fear go out. He became strong in the spirit. He came to the Ocean City workshop and knew that God had called him for such a time as this.

Rev. Bennie Owens of Chicago, Rev. Tessie Willis of Texas, Rev. Phillip Thomas of NJ, Rev. Rico Diamont from Vermont all gave testimonies about the blessing and this movement of God. Rev. John W., a Southern Baptist from North Carolina, shared about how the Japanese Missionaries had come and opened his heart during the 144,000 blessing. He had never come out to work with the national team but then he came to NY. He was amazed at how different NY was when you go to Harlem, Queens and the Bronx to visit the Christian leaders. He found that from that perspective NY has a profound religious foundation. Every borough is rich with those that love Jesus, and thus he saw that the anointing on the ACLC is dispensational. There is no other organization in Christendom that is breaking down the walls and bringing ministers and churches together like this. He felt that not only New York but all of America has enormous hope because of this. This is the time of the Kingdom. We can change America if the Christian family unites in love and embraces all faiths. If we can bless and heal marriages, the moral spirit of this nation can totally change. We will save America. Jesus has opened that way and chosen Father Moon. Nothing can stop this movement!!

Bishop Floyd N,. a most prominent Bishop in Washington, shared his testimony: He stated, "I heard so many negative things about the movement over the years. I knew I would never have anything to do with it. Then I met Rev. Hunter, Bishop Stallings, Angelica and many others that came to my church and showed me the power of the blessing and the communion taken as a family. My heart was moved. What really did it for me was that suddenly I could hear the voice of God telling me that this is my work.

"I want to tell you pastors, if you stand against this work, please ask yourselves, are you listening the voice of God? If you really pray over this Blessing and Family movement you will see it. If you are against it, I venture to say that you are negative or not understanding because you are listening to the voice of men and not of God!!

"Once you digest this word that is coming from God, you will be transformed. Once you understand it and see what Jesus is doing you won't be able to let it go. You will feel the excitement of the Lord. I'm bringing my son and his wife to the blessing and many couples from my church. God is working through this, you will see!!"

Bishop R. J of Maryland is another powerful Bishop who came with his wife. He has been inspired by God to write a book dealing with the Bible's topic of Sonship; we first met the Bishop at a small prayer breakfast in a restaurant in June. He came to July 3rd Blessing. He gave the opening prayer at our prayer breakfast today and then officiated the blessing with the Holy Wine with his wife. Bishop R. J. is a very important Bishop with a large foundation. He came to the Ocean city workshop and is becoming a national leader with the ACLC movement. What is really amazing is that these major leaders are taking strong, active roles, knowing that a completely new work within Christianity is unfolding. It is based on the blessing of marriage and the family as the center of the church.

The video entitled "The Blessing of Peace" is transformational. Many women pastors cried today when they see it. Especially moving is when Pastor J. E., a Pentecostal, says, "I know that God has called me to this. The challenge that I faced is not the persecution from other pastors or from my denomination, and it is not the difficulty with my family or my church congregation. (Then tears well up in his eyes.) The most difficult thing that I have faced is to be obedient to the call of God!"

Bishop Floyd N. is also featured in the video and his testimony provides narration for the whole meaning of the Blessing. In it he says, "What people said Rev. Moon wasn't about, I found him to be about -- and what they said he was about, he was not. The people had the wrong information. The family as the center of the church is what I always knew Jesus was all about. Family is the central theme of God's work. We are his children."

Archbishop Stallings gave the keynote sermon entitled, "In His Image." God has truly prepared this great man of God for this historic transition time into His Kingdom. He carefully built an irrefutable foundation for the basis that God's plan was always the family: "That is His image. Man and Woman. It's in the Bible. God said it in Genesis, Jesus said it in Matthew, that His plan was diverted away from the original ideal. God has given us His blueprint for humanity and this is the work of restoration. Jesus opened that way to break the curse through his blood and now Father and Mother Moon are fulfilling the Messianic role that was given to them by Jesus to complete the restoration of the Kingdom of God on earth!!" One pastor, upon hearing Archbishop Stallings has pledged to bring 24 clergy couples. We met her today and she has 25 confirmed with the forms submitted!!

The prayer breakfast ended with a powerful prayer by Rev. Schanker. The Blessing hurricane is unleashed. We are deeply grateful for the sacrifice of our True Parents.

Father is fishing day after day and setting all kinds of conditions to allow God's blessing to be bestowed on all his chosen people. I felt overwhelming gratitude to God and True Parents at this time.

Thanks, America.


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