The Words of the Jenkins Family

Happy Thanksgiving

Michael Jenkins
November 28, 2002

Dear Families,

On behalf of Dr. Yang and all the Family Federation, we sincerely wish you and your family a happy thanksgiving. Today, True Parents will celebrate thanksgiving at East Garden with Dr. Yang and NY area families. We thank God and True Parents for bringing us to this great and historical moment in human history - the time of Cheon Il Guk.

Let us remember God sincerely at this time as the pioneers and founders of America did. Let us be thankful to God for our True Parents who have taken up the cross of love with a total commitment to raise this nation to be the Elder son of the world.

We pray in thanks to God for Korea, Japan and America whose representatives are here working as one on this American soil and throughout the world to expand the Unified Nation of Cosmic Peace (Cheon Il Guk) as the Kingdom of God on Earth. We thank God for Jesus whose resurrection and victory has now led to the time when the Christian family has merged into the Family movement with total acknowledgment of True Parents central role in bringing restoration of True Families as the Lord of the Second Advent.

Certainly God has abundantly blessed us and nurtured our Blessed Central Families to be prepared for such a time as this. A time in which each step we take firmly advances the unity of heaven and earth as well as the unity of all religions, peoples and cultures. We live at the time in which all the walls are coming down and the rivers of religion and culture are now converging together into one body centered on the building of the True Family Culture.

Soon in Washington, D.C., True Parents will conduct the final blessing of this year in which great reconciliation is anticipated. Japanese and Americans will reconcile on that day as Ambassadors For Peace. American Indian chiefs will reconcile with the sons and daughters of those that were guided by God to settle this nation from sea to shining sea. Moslems with reconcile with Christians, Jews with Moslems and all religions will be represented in prayer. Man and Woman, Black and White, Hispanic, Asian and American Indian will join in the reconciliation brought about by True Parents blessing of marriage. Only True Parents could manifest such a miracle !! Blessed Central Families led by the world's great religious leaders from every race and religion are now expanding the miracle to cover the world.

Thanksgiving is a great tradition which has guided the American spirit. Without the cooperation of the Indian brave Squanto the settlers would not have been able to plant corn that would yield a bountiful harvest. Chief Massasoit and Gov. Wm. Bradford sat down together for the thanksgiving feast. Thanks was given to God.

Truly, God inspired thanksgiving in anticipation that one day the vision of God for America and the world as one family could be realized. Through the Family movement of Blessed Central Families and through all the endeavors that God his guided us to manifest, the vision is now a reality.

Thanks be to God and our True Parents!! Thanks to Jesus and all the saints, patriots and martyrs that allowed America to come into being.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Thanks America!!



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