The Words of the Jenkins Family

Blessing News - Guideline for December 7

Michael Jenkins
December 5, 2002

Guidelines for the Events

December 7th - Blessing Day

All Blessed Families

Make sure that you and your family are ready to attend the Blessing.

Doors open at 11 AM. (See attached schedule) Make arrangements for young children (under 12) to be kept at home during Blessing. Make time to bring the whole family Sunday December 8th to celebrate with True Parents. For older children there will be no children's room for them to play during the Ceremony so make sure they know that they will be seated next to you during the whole Ceremony.

Its not to Late

Call your contacts, ministers, etc. and make sure they have all the information about the Blessing, i.e. Staring times, transportation, directions etc. Tickets were giving out for people to attend the Blessing but TICKETS ARE NOT NECESSARY TO ATTEND. People can still come and register at the door.

Who can come?

Everyone is welcome! Even if they are not getting Blessed they can attend the ceremony as an observer. If people are coming to be Blessed they should register as a couple before the Blessing so they can get seating in the Blessed Couples area.

Remember The hotel is not the Sheridan National this time. Join us at the Crystal Gateway Marriott, 1700 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Directions are just south of I-395 on Route 1. Come early. Parking is provided at the Hotel for $7.00 with ticket validation. Street parking is limited. Please continue to support the work of this Blessing with your donation of $200. You can still make a donation after the Blessing so we can cover the expenses. Thank you

December 8th - 25th Anniversary Celebration

5 AM Hoon Dok Hae The day will begin with True Parents. Please arrive early like 4:30 AM so you will be ready to begin on time. Bring a radio for each person so that they can hear the translation. After Hoon Dok Hae we will have a celebration with the New Hope Singers International (remember them).

The location of this special 25th Anniversary Celebration in The Sheraton National Hotel, Arlington VA. Parking is free at the Hotel.

Children are welcome

Holy Blessing December 7, 2002

PART 1---Prelude to the Blessing/Rev. Levy M. B. Daugherty, MC
11:00 Doors Open
12:00 MC Rev. Levy M. B. Daugherty
12:01 National Anthem---TBD
12:03 Invocation
12:05 Welcoming Address---Dr. Chang Shik Yang
12:10 VIP Speaker TBD
12:13 Video Presentation
12:28 Explanation of Reconciliation Ceremony
12:29 Reconciliation Ceremony (13 minutes)
12:42 Prayers of Religious Leaders (4)
12:53 Performance---Emiko Nadimi (1 Song)

Part 2---Blessing Ceremony/Rev. Michael Jenkins, MC
1:00 Welcoming Remarks
1:02 Invocation
1:05 Blessing Address - Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak
1:12 Congratulatory Remarks---VIP Speaker TBD
1:15 Religious Leader Prayers (3)
1:22 Entrance of the Attendants
1:23 Entrance of the Concelebrant Clergy
1:24 Entrance of the Officiators---Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon
1:25 Report To Heaven - "Ko Chun Moon"
1:28 Holy Water Ceremony
1:31 Affirmation of Vows
1:33 Invocation of the Blessing (TP Prayer)
1:38 Ring Ceremony
1:41 Proclamation of the Blessing
1:42 Presentation of Flowers and Gifts
1:45 Congratulatory Song---TBD
1:50 Celebration Cheer - TP
1:51 Recession of Co-Officiators
1:52 Recession of Attendants
1:56 PICTURES---True Parents enter
10 minutes for Pictures on the stage and of in the general audience
2:06 True Parents leave with Fanfare

Part 3 Blessing Wrap Up---Rev. Daugherty, MC
2:08 Introduction - Master Of Ceremonies
2:10 Prize Winners Announced - SECOND HONEYMOON VACATION
2:15 Finale Song (All performers, Rev. Daugherty & Rev. Thomas)
2:20 Conclusion and Departure  

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