The Words of the Jenkins Family

Thank You Washington Family

Michael Jenkins
December 13, 2002

Dear Washington Community,

I sincerely thank the Washington community for another excellent effort to bring joy and happiness to our True Parents. Your commitment and effort brought the success of December 7th as a foundation for reconciliation of all races and nations.

Words cannot express how grateful we are for those who held home meetings during the One Family/One Church outreach and prayer conditions, as well as the cross-organizational prayer and support. True Parents are most pleased by the fact that there was a cross-section of support from our family as well as a very diverse group of couples that participated in the blessing. Senators, congressmen and ambassadors, Rev. E.V. Hill, a major Christian leader, Imam W. Deen Mohammed and Imam Elahi, major Muslim leaders, all came because of your blood, sweat and tears.

I'm particularly grateful to Rev. Lee for his support of American leaders to take a central role to bring joy to our True Parents. Also, we can't thank enough our Vice Regional Director Rev. Lorman Lykes, all the associate pastors of our community, including Rev. McCarthy, all representative district coordinators and event coordinators. We especially thank Dr. Yang, our Continental Director, whose very close relationship with True Father allowed us to transfer the heartbeat of our True Parents to the many religious leaders. We thank Rev. Schanker for developing the symposium held the morning of Dec. 7, which helped prepare for the ceremony of reconciliation on Pearl Harbor Day. We thank Rev. Daugherty for guiding the program, especially the very moving reconciliation ceremony. Many participants were deeply moved when a Japanese World War II veteran and an American World War II veteran embraced and signed the proclamation before God that they would remain brothers in love forever. On that basis a Christian bishop, Muslim imam and Jewish rabbi also embraced and signed the same proclamation.

Particularly amazing was the outpouring from American Indian tribal chiefs and representatives, who also came on that day to reconcile. They also signed that we are now one family forever. Truly the era of the Kingdom of God on earth has emerged.

Special thanks go to our Japanese missionaries and all the families that supported them. Their steadfast efforts, led by Mrs. Agachira, Mrs. Yagi and our PR team, prepared the ministers so that when representatives of our 21 advanced clergy came to meet them, they could respond. Many new pastors came to this blessing.

We also want to thank Mike Leone and all the support staff that did so much to make this event smooth and flawless. We are looking forward to the expansion of this blessing movement until all families are blessed central families.

Father also was moved by the presentation of the 25th anniversary of our church. All in all it was a great and historic day, and becomes a strong foundation for our next step. Please celebrate Christmas and God's Day with great joy.

Thanks, Washington Family. Michael Jenkins
Senior Pastor
Washington Family Church 

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