The Words of the Jenkins Family

1500 Clergy Receive True Parents Historic Proclamation

Michael Jenkins
December 15, 2002

Dear Leaders and Brothers and Sisters,

We sincerely thank our True Parents for coming to Chicago to address the 7th annual True Family Values Awards Banquet. Two years ago it was at this same banquet that Father launched the 50 state We Will Stand Tour. At that time he was so inspired that the Clergy could receive his message and he felt supported and "received" by the Second Israel.

Today was a most stunning and even explosive reception of our True Parents but on a much more significant level. We sincerely thank and congratulate Bishop Ki Hoon Kim and the Chicago Family for the work and sacrifice to bring the Foundation of Substance with Christianity. Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White sat with David C.(our brother) and welcomed Father and Mother and all who attended. Jesse has stood with Father Moon for 20 years.

Bishop Stallings, Rev. Edwards and Rev. Harold White all welcomed True Parents with an affirmation that shocked many. Each in their own way acknowledged that Father and Mother are the fulfillment of the Second Coming and that Jesus had anointed and commissioned them.

152 Clergy had just finished an intensive three day in depth Divine Principle workshop at the Indian Lakes Resort in Chicago, similar to first gathering of 120 clergy in October in Ocean City and on the foundation of another victorious DP workshop in LA for 120 clergy earlier this week. These workshops ran from 6 am to 11 pm. The Divine Principle was taught in depth. The ministers were extremely hungry for the truth. Why?

Due to the testimony of the Saints (The Cloud of Witnesses) the clergy have been persecuted and ridiculed because they are standing with Rev. Sun Myung Moon who Jesus and the saints are affirming as the Messiah of the Completed Testament age.

Though they struggle with much of the content, most of the clergy are coming to a profound and rapid acceptance and understanding of the revelation of the Divine Principle. Rev. Schanker, Rev. McCarthy and I presented the lectures. Bishop Floyd Nelson, Rev. Daugherty and especially Bishop C. Phillip Johnson and Rev. Jesse Edwards provided the internal guidance to come to full understanding. Bishop Stallings was the lead mentor of the clergy helping them understand that they are to become like Jesus and become Messiahs who can pray in their own names.

Because of the John the Baptists standing strong in full affirmation of True Parents in their anointed role, they are giving profound Biblical foundations that open the door to understand that Father is the third Adam. That Father has done what Jesus asked us to do in Matt. 5:48, "Be ye therefore perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect." Bishop Stallings demonstrated that Father has achieved perfected love through the Blessing and the establishment of True Parents and True Family. In this capacity Savior, Messiah, King of Kings become natural titles. They go on to teach that we must also go on to fulfill and perfect ourselves as the "Fourth Adam" and that we also will then become Messiahs.

The 152 clergy who had just completed the DP sessions, (Father's speech was their last session after they heard the "Second Coming" lecture two hours earlier. They were seated at 16 tables that surrounded True Parents table. It was an incredible moment. They had just finished an "Upper Room" experience with the Principle and then I asked them to stand. They jumped to their feet with pride, It was as if a substantial Cloud of Witnesses surrounded True Parents. White Southern Baptists, Pentecostals, Black and Hispanic clergy (of course we know that the African American clergy are leading the way and are the majority) jumped to their feet with pride as clergy that have affirmed that they are one with True Parents and that they will go forth to fulfill their God given role as Prophets of the Blessing and Evangelists of the Gospel of building True Blessed Central Families. The video, "Blessing of Peace" was shown. Especially when Rev. Jesse Edwards says, the challenges that I've had to stay with ACLC and follow Father Moon isn't with the controversy or the difficulty with my denomination. It's not the difficulty I've had with my family or my congregation. (Then Jesse got tears in his eyes.) The challenge is to be obedient to God." It led the audience to tears.

With this inspiration and foundation of substance Father was then given and incredible introduction by Archbishop G. Augustus Stallings, whose own wife chosen by Father and Mother and his family blessed. Bishop Stallings son was named Shin Young by True Father.

Bishop Stallings began, " Who is the Lord of the Second Advent. Look around you. Look at this room. Moslems and Christians and representatives of all races and religions are gathered here in love. We have not just gathered here but we know and love each other. Father Moon brought us together over the last few years repeatedly and showed us how to love each other. In that love we have built a Family movement that is sweeping the globe. How is this possible? I want you to know that only the Lord of the Second Advent could do this. Then tears welled up in his eyes. He's here. I want to introduce you to the Lord of the Second Advent - True Father of all humanity, the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon."

The audience was misty and tender hearted at the moment as many broke into silent tears. Father took the stage beaming with an energy very similar to what I saw in the 50 state tour. An energy based on the love of God and the internal comfort that his 33 year course in America is finally being fulfilled in these representatives of Christianity.

Father said, "When I see you I feel hope !!" Then he spoke to an audience that was filled mostly with Christian leaders but also included Moslems (NOI and Arab), Hindus, Bhuddist, Chinese (Confucians) and many other major religions. He said, " Jesus, and the saints are all here in this room. God is here in this room. Why? Because the world right now is so ugly, racism, war, sexual perversion and immorality, betrayal and murder and hate are everywhere. But in this room people are striving to affirm the teaching of True Family Values. Thats why God is here. God is happy with this gathering. Jesus and the saints are happy. Because all races and religions are here striving to love each other and unite with God's will. True Family Values. We should expand this however to be True Nation Values and True World Values."

Then Father began to speak to the 1500 as if they all went to Divine Principle workshop. At some moments it seemed as if the final judgment of the Bible was unleashed. But the clergy remained steadfast. Father went on, " 2000 years ago Israel rejected the Messiah Jesus Christ and because of that they have suffered incredibly in history. Due to the failure to receive Jesus this world never received the Kingdom of God. Because of that the world is ravaged with evil.

Now is the time of the Second Coming. But this time the Second Israel is being tried. Will you receive the Lord of the Second Advent? The majority of the audience strongly affirmed yes. Especially the 150 plus clergy at the front of the ballroom. Bishop Stallings stood up and bowed, yes Father. We understand and we do believe and welcome you as the Lord of the Second Advent. At many moments throughout Father's free flowing address the audience was stunned, shocked, overwhelmed, flabbergasted and even challenged to their heart. Father said strongly, "If you don't want to hear me, feel free, the door is right there." Yet the clergy stayed. They not only stayed but as Father went further and further they became 100 times stronger in their support and affirmation. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a simple "Amen".

Some pastors who love Father and Mother have been deeply struggling and groaning in travail. We must embrace them and love them. This is the victory. I saw scores of ministers at the banquet who stated, when they heard the Clouds of Witnesses, that they would never work with us again. However, they can feel Jesus spirit with True Parents and the ACLC. They can't leave. They came back, both to the Diving Principle Seminar and to the Banquet. Many were convicted to the truth on the spot. Father then went on and concluded by reading his address God's Fatherland and the One World.

Rev. Leroy Elliot and his wife Katie presented True Parents a congratulatory gift along with Elder Hamilton and a white southern Baptist preacher who stands firm. Rev. Elliot is one of the most sought after evangelists in North America preaching at America's hottest pulpits like the Potter's House. He stands strong. Why ? Because he knows Jesus and Jesus revealed to him who Father Moon is. He is sure about it and won't back down.

Dr. Paul Swanson, Professor Emeritus of the Lutheran School of Theology has also remained steadfast with the ACLC. He knows the spirit of Jesus and his extensive theological education allows him to evaluate the Principle from an in depth perspective. He is unmovable in his support for True Parents.

Christianity made an historic stand on this day, December 14th, 2002. History will mark this day when the Lord gave the truth without hesitation... and the Congregation of the Lord, the Second Israel, said Amen. The Southern Baptist Pastor of ACLC from the south said, "I loved it. Father Moon preaches the straight truth without any cream. Just straight with no compromise. I believe everything he says. He is teaching us that we cannot coexist anymore with evil. That our families cannot have adultery and be called God's families. That the affirmation of the Second Coming means that we become Jesus ourselves and we have the authority to liquidate evil, starting with ourselves and then our marriages. He hits the root of the sin of man, adultery, and cuts it right to the bone, right at the root. Man I love it. This is what I prayed for my entire life. This is what we Christians has dreamed of. And imagine, Moslems also are standing with us feeling no distance and being overwhelmed by the love of God coming through Father and Mother Moon. It is just amazing. It is just amazing."

My beloved American family. We must become as strong as True Parents are. We must believe now that the day of the Lord has been revealed. Ambassadors for Peace are rising up from Hawaii to save this nation and world. The Clergy are rising up from Chicago, LA , Ocean City and all of America to save this nation and world. We are going to transform America into a land without sin. Then we will inspire America to transform the world into a place in which all races, peoples, religions and cultures become one True Family.

Thank you Bishop Kim for your courage. That you Dr. Yang for your heart and wisdom to set the conditions necessary that this great test could be met by Christianity and the 5 great religions. Thank you to Mrs. Erikawa who led the missionaries to fulfill their course to save Christianity. Thank you to all clergy and regional directors and all families in the regions that sacrificed to support both the workshops for clergy and the True Family Values Banquet.

Glory to God, Glory to our True Parents. Glory to Jesus and to the Blessed Central Families of all faiths, cultures and religions.

The Kingdom of God has come and is expanding on the earth.

Thanks America. Victory is mine, thus saith the Lord.



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