The Words of the Jenkins Family

Report from Chung Pyung

Michael Jenkins
December 21, 2002

Dear Leaders and Brothers and Sisters,

We have begun the historic training at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center. All national Messiahs, FFWPU and CARP leaders and leaders from all fields who are college graduates have assembled in this Holy Place. The title of the workshop is 50 Day Special Workshop for Leaders from Korea, Japan and America and Six Continents (eight continents from the viewpoint of God’s providence.)

Tonight (Saturday night) Rev. Kwak addressed us saying that this was a most important dispensational step for the world leadership centering on True Parents to understand the providence at this time. This will be the cornerstone of the Cheon Il Guk as never before has Father assembled all the leaders like this for 50 days. 36 Couples are here, Rev. Young Hwi Kim, Rev. Chung Kyun Kim, Rev. Su Won Chung, 72 couples and all the elders of the movement.

Representatives from the Korea, Japan and America form the core of the group, however there are literally hundreds from the 6 continents. Due to radios and translation we share all activities – Holy Songs, Hoon Dok Hae and meals. We are one family.

I can only express what I feel when we ended the day in the Jeong Shim Won Prayer Hall. It was very tearful. We can see that True Parents as King of Kings, Savior and Messiah is now being received by Christianity. Father is now bequeathing to us our inheritance at owners of Cheon Il Guk. The Kingdom of God is rapidly materializing.

Why should we go to Chung Pyung? If we understood the providential time table it would be easy for us to respond.

Rev. Sun Jo Hwang summarized the providence.

He conveyed that the leadership of all continents have come under Father’s direct instruction and training out of his heart of love. He wants to raise these leaders through this time in the fastest way possible to become True Sons and Daughters. Father will be here soon for God’s Day. Rev. Hwang strongly encouraged us to understand God’s providential time table.

The most significant event that divides the old history from the new is when Father declared in 2001 the Coronation Ceremony for God’s Kingship. This was the absolute end of the old history and an entirely new history began. Nothing is the same after the Coronation Ceremony. From Coronation ceremony for the first time in history God has dominion over history. Goodness will now prosper, evil will decline. Father prepared for the Coronation ceremony with an extreme period of 40 days of sacrifice that Father began on December 3rd in the South America (Dr. Yang was there). Father proclaimed the "Declaration of the Elimination of Hell and the registration for the Kingdom of Heaven." This along with the registration blessing, became the victorious condition to proclaim the Coronation Ceremony.

Upon the foundation of the Coronation ceremony the 50 state tour secured the Christian foundation of the Second Israel in America. The Coronation Ceremony became the foundation for Cheon Il Guk (The Unified Nation of Cosmic Peace). Upon that basis True Mother expanded the Cheon Il Guk through speaking tour of 12 cities from the end of October to the end of December 2001. This speaking tour of Unified Nation of Cosmic Peace in Korea, Japan, and USA led to the opening of the Cheon Il Guk.

Based on this Father could further secure Christianity and the Elder son Nation by blessing 144,000 clergy on April 27th. This was accomplished through victorious unity of Korea (National Messiahs), Japan (Japanese Missionaries and members), America (American leaders, members and Clergy). This was expanded through the July 3rd, September 14 and December 7th blessings.

On the foundation of Mother’s tour in late 2001 (which represented two six month periods from the Coronation Ceremony) a third providence of six months opened. On that foundation in June, 2002 the Rally for the Realm of Life the Safe Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth could be established. This was further expanded through Mother’s speaking tour in Japan and in 12 cities in America in September, 2002. Upon this foundation (which expanded the Cheon Il Guk substantially) Father could give us the Holy Burning Ceremony and cleanse us of all past sin.

Then at True Children’s Day he could make us "Owners of Cheon Il Guk" and he changed the family pledge to begin Cheon Il Guk Juin. On that foundation Father is bequeathing his inheritance and constantly asking us if we are owners of Cheon Il Guk. This is why we have gathered to understand the next historic year of 2003. We will be focused on the establishment of God’s sovereign nation. To understand the providence Father brought the world leadership in Chung Pyung for the 50 day special workshop.

This three year period of 2001, 2002, and 2003 has profound providential meaning in the substantial realization of God’s Kingdom in Heaven and on Earth. In 2001 through the Coronation Ceremony God’s Kingship and then Cheon Il Guk was established. So 2001 established the Unified Nation of Cosmic Peace or the Kingdom of God. Next God needs people. So in 2002 the Rally for the Realm of Life and Safe Settlement , the 4 Blessings and the Declaration of "Owners" of Cheon Il Guk was the period for the establishment of the Heavenly people. (The burning ceremony was another step in cleansing God’s people so they can become owners.)

What will 2003 be about? That’s why we are here at Chung Pyung. Without this workshop the leadership cannot understand. Rev. Hwang expressed that through this workshop and God’s Day, the Coronation anniversary and True Parents birthday we will understand how this period 2003 until April 2004 will be the period to secure the Fatherland as God’s substantial nation of the Kingdom of God. Now this time is different from any time in human because True Parents are now expanding the substantial and eternal foundation for the literal Kingdom of God. This is the era of the return of the Lord of the Second Advent.

Rev. Kwak expressed how impossible it was for him to be here but Father said he must come. How important it is for us as leaders to understand True Parents providence and the who we are and what time we live in God’s providence. Rev. Kwak used the example that now Presidents and top religious leaders are welcoming our Divine Principle education and receiving the blessing in all nations. Even a major University invited him to be a Professor after the President heard Rev. Kwak’s teaching of the Principle. We have entered an era in which the Blessed Central Families will become the center of substantial history if they unite with True Parents and fulfill their responsibility at this time.

All are welcome from America who feel the call. All leaders are directed to come. FFWPU, CARP, all College Grads and all under 40 who are college graduates. Father said the other day at East Garden that the more Americans that can join this dispensation the better it will be for America and the faster she will fulfill her destiny.

True Parents are longing for America to stand strong and reverse the immorality and family breakdown in America and the world and restore it with families of God whose hearts yearn for True Peace and True Love for all races and peoples. Dr. Yang has been attending True Parents day and night and is urging all who possibly can to take this chance to gain this incredible blessing at Chung Pyung.

Father’s direction is so significant, though following it is not easy, when we look at the results of our obedience to God’s direction we see so much historic accomplishment. For example, because of Father’s direction to proclaim the Cloud of Witnesses, the clergy were placed in a life or death situation. They were severely challenged. We could never imagine that they would overcome and breakthrough to the point that they now proclaim Father as the Second Coming, Messiah, Savior and King of Kings.

We never imagined that this would lead to Divine Principle Workshops for Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace. It was similar to the situation when Martin Luther’s back was against the wall and the executioner prepared to finish him. He had one of two choices - die or fight. He chose to fight. The Protestant movement stemming from his courage became the spiritual foundation for America. Now as the Clergy and Blessed Families stand strong to fight for the Ownership of Cheon Il Guk we are participating in the birth of one Unified Nation for Cosmic Peace.

The Clergy have been threatened, persecuted, maligned and put through financial difficulties, however, they have risen to the task. In Chicago, Father unloaded everything and anything he wanted to say. After he saw that they wouldn’t run away he proclaimed, "When I look at you I feel real hope for America." On Thursday morning at EG several times he proclaimed that Christianity has received him. "They studied the Divine Principle and they understand. They know that I’m the Messiah, Savior and most importantly the True Parent of mankind."

Quickly now the fire is spreading. We need your full support not only for Chung Pyung but for the whole American providence. How? Pray and think about how God is calling you to support the complete restoration of America into the True Elder Son. By giving your gifts, skills, talents and time. Get behind the movement. Give your life and you will gain your life. If you can’t directly come to Chung Pyung consider sponsoring someone to come who may need financial support. Consider supporting the clergy as we prepare for a major expansion of Divine Education of Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace in 2003.

I just thought I would write a little note to thank you America. Father trusts you and believes that you will hear the call. Especially, we express gratitude to Dr. Yang and our Regional leaders who immediately responded to Father’s call. Many of the great American leaders are here. CARP came out in full force. More will come soon. Pray that heaven protects them and hastens their journey to represent America here at Chung Pyung.

(A more detailed complete version of Rev. Kwak’s and Rev. Hwang’s providential history will forthcoming.)

Thanks America. We love you.


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