The Words of the Jenkins Family

Merry Christmas

Michael Jenkins
December 24, 2002

Dear Family Members,

Merry Christmas from Chung Pyung. It is Christmas morning here. We feel very close to Jesus as we are reading the Principle and just finished the chapter on the Messiah. It is interesting that in the Chung Pyung orientation manual that Father created Chung Pyung in 1971 as a training center for Christian leaders. The first workshop held here was with Christian Ministers with Father directly teaching.

It is comforting to think that Jesus must be feeling better on this birthday than before, because it was this day last year that the resolution was proclaimed in the spirit world by the great religious leaders and now it has been confirmed, affirmed and proclaimed here on earth by Christian leaders and leaders of other faiths. Definitely the core condition necessary for Christianity to stay on track was fulfilled this year by the Christian leaders going into a full, open and public proclamation of True Parents as Messiah, Savior and King of Kings. Jesus is finally seeing his 2000 year foundation come to the place that God has longed for. To be the body of Christ surrounding our True Parents. Father said on Sunday, December 15, at East Garden, "I gave the Christian ministers a hard time in Chicago because I feel I can trust them and I feel like they are my sons." He said last Thursday that because the ministers are clearly accepting the Divine Principle and the Blessing they are becoming one with Father. This is a most historic foundation of substance. Thank you Jesus and Happy Birthday. We pray that we might completely liberate Jesus, True Parents and God's heart of sorrow.

Dear American Blessed Families, please have a deep and meaningful Christmas. Thank you for your prayers for us a Chung Pyung. Please don't feel pressure about coming to Chung Pyung, just try to understand. God will guide your family. Maybe the 120 Americans (Joshua Cotter, Ken Bates and many world Carp leaders are here) who are here can make enough of a condition that the grace will pour down upon your family and untangle any difficulties you might have.

I'm grateful to be here on Christmas. Yesterday the Japanese families gave us apples and bulgogi as a Christmas present. We felt so much love. I hope that the leaders here on the mountain top can create great fortune for you, your family and your work.

We are learning so much here. We are entering an era in which sin can abide no more. If we are to truly live with True Parents we cannot harbor sin or have unresolved complications in our ancestry. Clearly things are being untangled here. That is my personal experience. Yesterday, I was talking to a Japanese leader of Hokaido. His grandfather was in the WWII, my father and his grandfather were enemies. Then I looked around and see maybe 500 Korean brothers with Japanese and Americans, living together and sharing together. Enemies who have now become one family of one nation. The nation of Cheon Il Guk. I wish I could explain the feeling that I am experiencing with the Korean brothers (our regional directors and those from Japan and Korea) and the Japanese brothers. There is no barriers. We want to hang out together. We are brothers and we are friends. This is not a simple thing.

I remember years ago when Chung Pyung first started and many leaders from America went. My wife and I kept a picture of the True of Love on our altar that is lit up. I used to feel anger every time I would look at that picture because I felt pressure. It made me feel difficult because of my business and other responsibilities I couldn't go. I didn't like to see pictures and hear testimonies about Chung Pyung because I couldn't go and I saw no way possible to resolve it. I felt bad however because somehow I knew that Father wanted to give this gift to me. We prayed over time and then a window of opportunity opened. If you pray the window, (maybe a 7 day window or more or less will open for you. ) If it does take it. The power of Chung Pyung has grown so much that I can see that 40 days can be accomplished in 8 days. Don't feel pressure. Just pray to let God use you.

God chose you and True Parents need each and every one of our precious blessed Central Families. Merry Christmas. Please give joy to Jesus and True Parents on this great day. True God's Day and the year of 2003 will be one of rapid and magnificent expansion of God's kingdom. God Bless your family, God bless America and the world.



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