The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Father Is Giving Everything He Has

Michael Jenkins
December 25, 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A most historic event is unfolding at East Garden. A special 14 day condition is being done by our True Parents to give our Blessed Central Families a gift from True Parents time in America. Father's ties and other items that he wore during his 31 year course here in America are being given with incredible love at East Garden. Think back on your years in the movement. Now the day has come for Father to return to the Fatherland. Many tears are flowing. Tears for Father's victory and tears of realization that, although Father and Mother will certainly come back and forth (hopefully even more than before), when Father gives away all that he has from America the focus has changed. Father is counting on us to take care of America and for America to take care of Cheon Il Guk and the establishment and the unification of the Fatherland.

This is a time to reflect on True Parents course in America and realize that they are entrusting us to carry forward the dispensation as True Parents sons and daughters to realize God's Kingdom centering on the Fatherland, Motherland and the Elder Son Nation.

Here is Chung Pyung we heard from Rev. Hwang that Father is calling him a lot to prepare Korea and the World Movement for Father's total focus on the Fatherland. This is a very important providential time in which Father must secure God's Fatherland during this period.

As we read in the Principle in the Part II Chapter 4 on the Parallels:

The Second Israel of Christianity is the chosen religion of America and the John the Baptists that God has chosen have fulfilled certain conditions in proclaiming and standing by Father as the Messiah. That is why America will be steering a correct course if the John The Baptists hold true to their calling and expand to embrace and unite all of Christianity.

Likewise, we as Blessed Central families are the "Chosen" Third Israel, and although the world is so complex and divided, as the principle teaches us, history is "steered" by those chosen people fulfilling the Foundation for the Messiah. At this time Father is giving everything to us and then he will call us as the Third Israel to support God's Fatherland. Let us prepare ourselves earnestly for the call that is sure to come. God needs his Fatherland. Only through the proper response of the Blessed Central Families will the providence move forward on the correct time table.

Let us bind our hearts together with True Parents and make up our mind and heart to totally and completely respond to Father's call for the Fatherland.

America is the Elder Son Nation and God is counting on us so much. God believes that the Blessed Central Families - both Unification and from the Christian churches and other religions will head his call and give total support for this era of the establishment of God's Fatherland as a Sovereign nation of God. This is the meaning of Cheon Il Guk.

Thanks America. I know there are many patriots and saints rising to the challenge in America.

God bless you and Happy True God's Day.


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