The Words of the Jenkins Family

Our Beloved Sister, Soon Ja McDevitt Is Making the Transition Into the Spirit World

Michael Jenkins
December 27, 2002

Dear Family,

Dr. Yang, Rev. In Hoi Lee and I wish to express our profound gratitude for the life of faith demonstrated by our beloved sister, Soon Ja McDevitt.

Tom and Soon Ja are close to True Parent's heart and have demonstrated tremendous faith as a Blessed Central Family. Through many central missions for our True parents this family always stands on the frontline and in the forefront of God's dispensation.

We are grateful for their attitude of faith in these trying times. We also have been strengthened and inspired by Soon Ja's attitude of absolute faith and how she demonstrated profound love for God and True Parents during this difficult course. Tom has demonstrated an attitude that is a reflection of True Father's heart. Unwavering love and faith.

Soon Ja is now making the transition into the spiritual world. We ask that all families pray for her. Rev. Lee and I called together the 120 Western leaders here at Chung Pyung and asked for three days of prayer for her. Also we request your prayers for Tom and the whole family. Soon Ja is one of the most kind and loving sisters I ever met in my life. She is a great citizen of Cheon Il Guk!

It is comforting to know that Soon Ja is going to a wonderful place now that God and True Parents have prepared for her in the Spirit World. She is a wonderful wife of a great Blessed Central Family. The course of their family is certainly with deep meaning and can only be seen as a course that God is manifesting to save America and the World.


Rev. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification - USA 

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