The Words of the Jenkins Family

Cheon Il Guk Family Award - Don't Miss This Chance!!!

Michael Jenkins
December 27, 2002

Dear Families,

Greetings from Chung Pyung. It's getting interesting here. Kim Jong Goo a famous Korean singer who has passed into the spiritual world appeared to our MC yesterday on the path to the Tree of Blessing and told him. I'm upset, because you didn't have anyone sing my song." The title of the song is "Painful". There was incredible joy when the MC then chose Rev. Moon from South America who is one of Father's main leaders to sing the song. You could feel the atmosphere explode with joy. Mr. Kim is happy now.

Concerning the Cheon Il Guk awards, all families should apply. Please don't be put off by the grading system. According to Father's direction there had to be some evaluation process to establish a way to select candidates that would provide a more balanced approach. This is not ridgid. Pray and grade your family!

Please understand True Parents heart. They want to set a tradition of honoring families that will be done forever in every area of the world as part of the Cheon Il Guk. Father explained this idea in the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship on January 13, 2001.

He said, "If you serve as a good model, if your life can serve as an example before the mother and the father, the husband and wife, and children, then you are living a virtuous life. So, what will result from living such a life? The day will come when the king of Heaven and the king of the Earth will visit the family with the exemplary life. Early in January of each year the kings like to visit. The time will come when the nation will recognize the family within its borders living the best life. The family receiving the recognition has three generations that form a perfected four-position foundation. The time will come when the president will present the award in family's home. There are three relationships, those of parent and child, husband and wife, and among the children. Brother-sister relationship is a consequence of the harmony of all these relationships. Therefore, whether in a brother-sister relationship or children's relationship, in order to become a person standing in the position of subject, you influence others positively, such that not even one person can live without me. If it is true say "Amen" and if it's not true say "No-men". (Amen). Raise your hands and say it again. (Amen). " Therefore Father is establishing this tradition now.

There are many areas that are not covered on the grading system. The FFWPUI had to come up with some universal guidelines very rapidly and we (North American HQ) added slightly to those. Please pray and grade your family. Fill out the support documentation.

However, the points will not be the only evaluation tool. The committee has the authority to submit nominees for special reasons, (i.e. a martyr in the family etc. ) that outweigh normal sacrifices. Please go from your heart.

If you feel some special calling, then write a letter explaining why and what circumstances. Our selection committees are composed of AFC, Kodan, WFWP and FFWPU elders. It is broad and open.

Also the President can weigh in. The Continental director has the final authority. Let's go forward from the heart. Also, to be qualified, one spouse has to be able to come to Korea for Chung Pyung and then True Mother's birthday.

Concerning the idea that, "3000 nominees will come and only 2000 will be selected", Rev. Hwang clarified that the 1st prize will go to 2100 nominees. The second prize from True Parents will go to the remaining 900. Everyone who comes to Korea will be honored as a special Cheon Il Guk awardee.

Remember, True Parents are trying to show recognition for those who sincerely attended Heaven as blessed Central Families.



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