The Words of the Jenkins Family

Important Providential Direction For America!

Michael Jenkins
January 4, 2003

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The love and grace of True Parents is abundant. They have just announced that Father and Mother will go through the Cheon Il Guk Level of Holy Blessing. Mother and Father will dress in formal wedding attire. This is the marriage supper of the lamb. Then our blessed families will receive this third level of blessing.

Following this and deeply connected with this will be a special condition for all Blessed central families in Korea from February 8 - 15.

A very important memo with details will follow.

Please help us to fulfill the Elder Son's role.

We are deeply inspired by the standard set by Tom and Soon Ja McDevitt. Father said she would open a gate to Cheon Il Guk. When I heard the testimonies surrounding Soon Ja's Seung Hwa and Tom's determination to build Cheon Il Guk I could see how God is working through this very special American / International family to advance True Parents providence. We are deeply grateful for such faith.

Thanks for your prayers for all the leaders here. The American team is doing well.

Please pray and prepare our families that we can fulfill our responsibility and create the shortest possible path to victory.

Thanks America.


Memo Will Follow

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