The Words of the Jenkins Family

Father Is Directly Guiding the Fatherland

Michael Jenkins
January 6, 2003

Dear Family,

True Father has begun personally visiting many local churches in Korea. Like he did in the early days. He gathers the members and has Hoon Dok and then hears their testimonies. All the local neighborhood members gather and sing and share with Father. Father has not visited local churches since the mid 1980's. This is like it was back in the 1950's. Father is directly leading us here. He is especially concerned as to how they have done the Neighborhood activity. (Tong Bong Kyok Ba). He visited Tong Dae Moon, Seodaemoon and headquarters church. The members are weeping and full of joy. He is very concerned as to how they are preparing for the 2400 Americans that are coming to secure the Fatherland.

Father has become much younger and more powerful. Father has great confidence in the foundation he established in America. He is proud of our Blessed Central Families. He believes in us.

Thanks America.

Love from Chung Pyung

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