The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Parents Love

Michael Jenkins
January 6, 2003

Dear American Family,

Through True Parents love and grace the condition for the Elder Son Nation to secure the Fatherland has been reduced to 2400 blessed members for 7 Days. (Originally Father was talking about 3500 with no limit on the time.)

On January 3rd True Father also revealed that he will join True Mother in a special Cheon Il Guk Blessing which represents the third level of blessing. Father has asked us to receive True Parents third level of blessing at this time.

We know that the challenges to fulfill at this time are great, however please understand this moment in history. I know that the American family is very deep in its faith. That's why Father trusts us to fulfill as the Elder Son Nation.

Without our regional directors and many key American church and CARP leaders there Father is counting on the American heart to respond to his call.

God trusts you. Please help your brothers and sisters and work together as one family. The call is universal.

Thank You.

Michael Jenkins

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