The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Father's Course

Michael Jenkins
January 9, 2003

Dear Families,

Father went to Dae Mo Nim's memorial in Seoul and prayed and honored Choong Mo Nim (Father's Mother) on the occasion of her 35th anniversary of passing into the spirit world. Also, on January 5th, True Parents celebrated Hyo Jin Nim's 40th birthday. Father was really inspired by Hyo Jin Nim, he is supporting Father a lot in heart. 40 is such an important birthday. Moses, Muhammad and many others started major dispensational courses at 40. Congratulations Hyo Jin Nim and Happy Birthday!!!

Father is now walking a dispensational path that exactly mirrors what he did in preparation for the 1960 Holy Blessing of True Parents. He is walking the same path, going to the same holy grounds and offering prayers for Cheon Il Guk and the Coronation Ceremony for True Parents. (At the Cheon Il Guk blessing, True Father will be coronated King of all Blessed Families - this is because of the support of the Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families - both award candidates and the 2400). Father is also visiting Seo Dae Mun, Dong Dae Mun, Chun Pa Dong and Huk Sak Dong where holy grounds representing north, east, south and west (not in that order) areas representing north south east and west. Representing the four corners of the earth. To set conditions for the Fatherland and for True Parents Cheon Il Guk blessing.

I want to really say from the bottom of my heart how grateful I am to American Blessed Families. Dr. Yang is deeply inspired the way Americans from all organizations are taking responsibility. The AFC leadership and the Regional selection committees are working in a powerful way. The Regional directors are here working very hard to set the strongest possible condition for victory.

The true American spirit is coming out now when great sacrifice is required. When the direction of God's will is clear and the battleline is drawn, true Americans step forward without hesitation and will make any sacrifice to support God. The incredible response to the Cheon Il Guk Award in moving. Thanks for your faith. Now we must accomplish 2400 blessed members to come to Korea representing the Second Israel. Please help each other.

Only people of faith could come to this land at this time in which old enemies are facing off once again. Though the drums of war are sounding this is the final stage of the resolution of World War III in which the Communist world and the Democratic world must be reconciled and the Kingdom of God established. True Parents are not in an enemy position to anyone - Father and Mother are the True Parents of all. Leaders in the north and south love him. Many key American leaders now understand and love Father (Ambassadors for Peace) and Clergy.

Father has been speaking a lot about Christianity in America recently. Several times, he has stated that "Christianity has now accepted me. The Clergy are hearing and accepting the Divine Principle and becoming deeply inspired." Father has stated that the signing of the resolution of Jesus and the great religious leaders (Clouds of Witnesses), sets the condition to affirm on earth what the spirit world had initiated. Because the Christians stood up and affirmed it on earth the saints in the heavenly realm can pour their spirit out more extensively within and among the prepared Christian leaders. Although, we know that this must expand to become a mainstream movement within Christianity, as Rev. Kwak said recently, the an spiritual fire is now burning in the clergy. It started with the 144,000 Blessing. Rev. Kwak said he saw how the clergy had caught on fire and that it is spreading to more and more powerful ministers. (I saw this with Rev. E.V. Hill who preaches once a year for Dr. Jerry Falwell and is featured on Trinity broadcasting - he has caught the fire.) Father said he is like a rock. When God sets him down somewhere no amount of humanity can turn him over.

Something has occurred within Father's heart toward the Christians. I sincerely thank you brothers and sisters for the one family one church outreach and support for the Japanese missionaries. The missionaries have spread the word throughout Japan that America is on a victory path and is fulfilling the providential steps that Father has given concerning Christianity. Through the four blessings in America the Christian foundation was secured and linked successfully and comfortably with the world's religions. The trial of the Clouds of Witnesses led to a Divine Principle movement within the clergy and now over 360 have received a 3 day intensive DP seminar. When we taught clergy in the past, there was so much tension and rejection and argumentation. This time, due to changes in the heavenly realm with Jesus and the saints, there were some tensions and challenges, but an overwhelming acceptance occurred. From the Fall of Man to the problem of John the Baptist. There would be brief resistance or questions in group discussions but always, the moderators (ACLC Christian clergy) would take the lead in steering the discussion toward agreement and understanding. This even led to ministers coming to me late at night - and asking, "Does Rev. So and so know that Father is the one?" These clergy are prepared by God. This was originally to occur in 1945 - 1950 but due to the failure of key John The Baptists Father was rejected and went to the wilderness course. Thank God, we did not run out of time for the second Israel. Truly however, True Parents grace,

We must sincerely thank Mrs. Erikawa for leading the missionaries to overcome very painful and tearful separations from their children and families to shed their blood for the 2nd Israel. Because of these victories and the substantiation of support for True Parents a foundation of Substance has formed centering on Christianity. Now this must be transferred to the Fatherland.

Now the providence demands that the Internal Israelites of the blessed Central families pave the way for the external Israelites to come to Korea. Father is now preparing for clergy to come to proclaim Father to the Christians in Korea. The 2400 will set the foundation. Bishop Stallings and Rev. Edwards are coming for the Cheon Il Guk Activity.

Thanks America.

Pray for 2400 to secure the Fatherland.



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