The Words of the Jenkins Family

You Got A Minute?

Michael Jenkins
January 14, 2003

Dear Families,

Thanks for your prayers and sacrifice to fulfill the 2400. We are proud of the America spirit that is rising to fulfill the Will of Heaven.

Things are getting very interesting here.

Rev. Bruce Grodner, our Westrock Pastor (Tarrytown, NY) was just leaving the Jeong Shim Won prayer hall after our concluding midnight prayer. As he was putting on his coat, he heard a very clear voice say to him, "You got a minute." Startled but feeling deep inner peace he said, "Yes." He sat down in the prayer hall and felt the presence of God.

He apologized for not having a deeper prayer to conclude the day and the voice said, "Don't worry about that, I just want to talk to you. How are you feeling, do you have any questions?" Rev. Grodner said that at that moment, questions instantly came to his mind and he heard them answered one by one in a very clear and inspiring way.

It was very personal and filled with warmth and love. The living God is among us. Lets build God's Kingdom.

Thanks America.


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